world cup 2018 winner predictionsWe’re now less than three months away from the starting matches of the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia. It’s the perfect time to take a closer look at the eight groups and try to predict how it will go down.

That's because the sooner you start analysing the world’s most powerful football teams, there better are your chances of placing a winning bet when the time comes!

So, without a further ado, here’s our take on the upcoming FIFA World Cup.

World Cup Predictions

wold cup 2018 group ABelow, we provide the group list and the teams that we believe will qualify for the elimination stage. Stay with us for an explanation of our World Cup 2018 winner predictions.

Group A

  • Uruguay – 1st
  • Egypt – 2nd
  • Russia – Out
  • Arabia – Out

Group B

  • Spain – 1st
  • Portugal – 2nd
  • Morocco – Out
  • Iran – Out

Group C

  • France – 1st
  • Peru – 2nd
  • Australia – Out
  • Denmark – Out

Group D

  • Argentina – 1st
  • Croatia – 2nd
  • Iceland – Out
  • Nigeria – Out

Group E

  • Brazil – 1st
  • Serbia – 2nd
  • Switzerland – Out
  • Costa Rica – Out

Group F

  • Germany – 1st
  • Mexico – 2nd
  • Sweden – Out
  • Korea – Out

Group G

  • Belgium – 1st
  • England – 2nd
  • Panama – Out
  • Tunisia – Out

Group H

  • Colombia – 1st
  • Poland – 2nd
  • Senegal – Out
  • Japan – Out

World Cup Qualification Predictions

Group A

mohamed salahUruguay is a clear favourite in group A and will likely win all the group matches with the talent that it has. Russia and Egypt are both likely contenders for the second place, though we would bet on Egypt.

With Mohamed Salah upfront and Héctor Cúper coaching The Pharaohs, they stand a good chance at beating the hosts. So, we wouldn’t say that the draw was too favourable for Russia, despite the fact that many FIFA World Cup 2018 predictions miss the potential of the Egyptian team and place Russians above.

Group B

The second group is a nightmare for Morocco and Iran. Everyone’s excited about Spain and Portugal meeting so soon as each one of them could be the answer to the question — who will win 2018 World Cup?

On the other hand, the match between these two teams might not be as spectacular as everyone expects because both teams must be pretty confident in their situation and will try to save their energy for the elimination matches.

As for the other teams, they stand little chance and it would take a miracle to beat either of the two world-class football teams. So, if we had to name a death group in this cup, it would be Group B.

Group C

france world cup 2018 predictionsFrance looks very strong going into the tournament and we've seen more than one World Cup 2018 winner prediction that states France as the main contender. This isn't surprising as they have many capable players and a lot of room for different manoeuvres.

Aside from them, everyone’s got a chance to squeeze through to the next stage. However, Peru is definitely looking better than Australia and has proved their adaptability, which might be exactly what the team needs to reach the top 16.

Group D

Group D is another interesting one where all the participants might surprise and come out on top. This even includes Iceland, which has never participated in a World Cup before but has already beaten Croatia in the qualifiers.

Still, Argentinians are obvious leaders, but we don’t believe that it’ll be easy even for them. With each opponent being quite talented and ready to attack, there is a small possibility that the Argentina World Cup predictions might abruptly end right there.

We chose Croatia as a second place winner for the group due to the strong front with Modrić, Rakitić, Mandzukić and others. They won’t let Iceland beat them again.

Group E

Obviously, Brazil is the top dog and we don’t believe anyone stands a chance against them. All the other teams have enough potential to get to the next round, though they all have little chance to get to the quarterfinals.

While all of these teams are capable of playing good football, their ability isn't that impressive in this world-class context. Plus, our 2018 World Cup winner predictions don't see them going anywhere far due to an extremely unlucky draw.

Group F

world cup 2018 germany coachOne of the biggest reasons why teams from Group E might have a hard time in the next round is Germany. They’re obvious favourites not only in the Group F but in the cup as a whole, which means they’ll probably face the second place winners of Group E afterwards. And our World Cup 2018 predictions game easily sees Germany in the top four.

Other than that, both Mexico and Sweden have a fair chance of proving their mettle against each other. Their match in the group is certainly going to be an interesting one.

Group G

Things are looking pretty well for Belgium and England as their opponents in the Group G are relatively average. Since this isn't Tunisian Cup predictions, we don't see their players winning often against the likes of England and Belgium national teams.

Belgium proves time and again that they’re a dynamic and exceptional team, while England is simply better than Tunisia and Panama. Both of our favourites in this group have good chances in the top 16 too. According to our FIFA World Cup 2018 winner predictions, they'd have to face teams of similar or lower strength to their own.

Group H

A completely different situation can be seen in the last group where all the teams are similarly powerful. Therefore, many FIFA World Cup predictions 2018 come up with different outcomes for Group H and different reasons to back up their statements.

Since no top teams are present in this group, all have a fair chance of winning the group, though Colombia is the most talented.

Brazil Will Win World Cup 2018

world cup 2018 neymarHaving reviewed the groups in World Cup 2018, it’s time to talk about the winner of it all. Who will win World Cup 2018?

Our guess is Brazil.

Although the team receives a lot of pressure from literally everyone, they’ve got a lot of talent and can actually pull it off for the sixth time in history.

Of course, that’s assuming both Brazil and Germany make a good start and win their groups. If one of them ends up second, the two teams will meet in the top 16 stage and that’s anyone’s game.

Brazil isn’t looking forward to that scenario remembering what happened in the last World Cup in 2014. However, other than that, they should have a relatively easy path to the semi-finals. For all of these reasons, according to our prediction World Cup 2018 winner is very likely to be Brazil.


FIFA World Cup Predictions For The Current World Champions

Now that we hypothetically know who will win the World Cup 2018, what's the place the current champions will end up in?

Unless Belgium doesn't perform exceptionally in their group, we believe Germany will have an easy path to the semi-finals. Otherwise, they will meet Belgium in the quarter-finals and might have a tough time.

We don't see the other teams that could possibly face the champions at that point as a huge threat. However, the semi-finals are a completely different story because that's when Germany will probably face Argentina, which is another likely World Cup 2018 predictions winner.


Can Argentina Win World Cup 2018?

world cup 2018 lionel messiArgentina is the second favourite of ours and they definitely can win this summer. In fact, we think they’ll reach semi-finals to face Germany in the 2nd leg.

Many people believe that asking ‘can Argentina win World Cup 2018?' is basically the same as asking whether Lionel Messi can carry the whole team to victory. However, the whole national team is actually very talented too.

So, even if Messi doesn’t perform as great as everybody wants him to, the team still has a chance of breaking Germany’s coordinated defences and keeping their own base intact against the current world champions and, after that, against Brazil.


World Cup 2018 FIFA

FIFA world cup 2018 russiaIn any case, it seems that a very interesting summer is awaiting us and we’re pretty sure it will bring many surprises. After all, these are just World Cup winner predictions and educated guesses.

On the other hand, professional football can be very unpredictable as you well know. A single mistake can lead to the end of the journey for some and a single goal is enough to turn the tide. Add the penalties, injuries, fatigue, emotional strength of the players, secret strategies and skills of the managers and you'll find that this World Cup 2018 prediction isn't set in stone.

For example, some of the underdog teams that could easily turn the tables are Egypt, Croatia, Nigeria and even Senegal. Iceland, Peru and Belgium might also make impressive runs and silence even the most confident World Cup predictor. In fact, most groups are relatively balanced, so some quality football awaits.

What About Russia?

As for the hosts themselves, they might get through to the top 16, but we don’t see them beating Portugal or Spain and going any further. They’re actually the second lowest ranking team among all the current participants, so most 2018 FIFA winner predictions are not too positive in their point of view.

Anyway, we’re pretty sure they would be happy with just qualifying from their group, but it will take some luck to beat Egypt and Uruguay. At least the opening match between Russia and Saudi Arabia is in the host’s favour.

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