Win Sprint Feature ImageFancy a drink down the pub, but you haven’t found the time? Well, this is your chance to bring the pub back to your home instead with a little help from Realistic Gaming. They have got you covered with a beautiful slot machine sheltering a set of reels filled with berries, grapes, oranges, lucky winning seven’s and brightly coloured alarming golden bells.

This design of a classic slot makes it easy to follow for just about anyone. Not to tie boring and classic together, but Realistic Games have added a little spice into the game to boost its experience and overall gameplay. Like all classic slot machines, there is also a built-in jackpot of 1,250x your spin wager, which makes Win Sprint a good value proposition, even for a fruity slot.


Game Mechanics

The Win Sprint mobile slot is a game with three reels and five paylines. You didn’t read that wrong, and yes, it is surprisingly small for a modern game. Yet, Realistic Games has stuck to their guns on keeping this game as simple and as pure as possible. All they want you to experience is the same old slot machine you would have played on if you were down at a pub. Here’s a quick fun fact – Win Sprint has been designed after a real slot machine from back in the day!

Win Sprint Normal Win

Win Sprint is playable from anything between 20p to £200, accepting both casual players and a few pub high-ballers. For us, simple slot players, it is enough to say that this range is wide enough to accommodate every type of player, regardless of their betting strategy and budget. Based solely on the payout patterns of this game, Win Sprint has a low to medium volatility. Both payout frequency and size are fairly decent in this game and the Return to Player rate (RTP) is set at an average 95.25%.

Win Sprint Oranges Symbols

The entirety of the game is basically for the admirers of timeless machines. Having a very standard three reel slot makes the game look simple, yet it also brings back memories of how it all first started out. Coupled with the fact that Win Sprint sports a Jackpot that's 1,250x your spin wager, this game feels like a real slot machine. Get yourself a pint of beer whilst sitting cozily on your couch and it would feel almost the same as being down at the local.

Bonus Features

Unlike the usual slot games we have been playing so far, this one is just the epitome of minimalism. There is only one bonus feature in this game, namely the Win Sprint bonus feature. It is triggered when you spell the word ‘Win’ using the special symbols on your reels and having done so, you will be granted one free re-spin.

Win Sprint Bonus Symbols

At any time, you may simultaneously trigger more free re-spins when you are able to spell more ‘wins’ on your reels. On top of that, all your wins during these re-spins are subject to a 2x win multiplier, meaning that all of your wins are instantly doubled.


Game Performance

Realistic Gaming has brought back the same slot machines from back in the day in the form of online slots and all of us can’t get enough of it. Everything is as simple as it should be with minimal distractions. If there is one element that will make you go all crazy and excited, it should be the wins (hopefully the jackpot too) and nothing else. In essence, that is what a real slot game is and will continue to be to the end of time. For some, the simplicity of this game will not be too appealing, especially if one has gotten used to most other slot games released in this time and age, jam-packed with features.

Win Sprint Big Win Base Game

The music is compelling to listen to and easy on the ears, just like the audio tracks of original slot machines. As you did expect from a rehash of a classic slot with the help of modern technology, the game runs smoothly throughout gameplay. Not only that, but you can always access this game anywhere with any device you have on hand. Win Sprint is compatible with all laptops, tablets and mobile phones regardless of what software they use to operate.


Anything Special?

I’d say this game is simply a marvelous classic three reeler. It brings back many old memories, especially if you have been playing slots on the good old slot machines in pubs back in the day. We don’t say this often, but with Win Sprint, less is more.

Win Sprint Big Win

Don’t get us wrong here, Win Sprint is far from being a boring slot. Sporting only one bonus feature, it is, however, triggered pretty often. Re-spins and win multipliers are all the rage. On average, you would be able to trigger the features here every 20 or so spins and don't even get us started on the Jackpot. Granted, the Jackpot will be difficult to win, but as the saying goes – you can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket!



We loved playing this slot. If there is one thing we can all agree with, it will be the fact that we all love finding goodness in the simple things in life, which we often forget. We also sometimes overlook what is right in front of us. To think that games like the Win Sprint were the foundation of all slots that we all love to play today, it’s just a marvel how far we have come.

All in all, Win Sprint is a three reel fruity slot game you can expect to have seen in a pub year and years ago. Simple and lucrative is the name of the game. Oh, don’t forget the Jackpot too!

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