fable-casino-accepts-pay-by-phone-bil-higherWe're sure you've heard this many times already, but there are plenty of advantages when it comes to pay by phone billing. It's quick, easy and makes a convenient payment method when all other options are unavailable to you at the present moment. It's very reliable, too, and saves a lot of headaches in the long run.

Yes, pay by phone billing was made for mobile players. But one of the points that aren't talked about as much is how pay by phone billing can save you a lot of money. It has been proven, after all, that players that tend to use pay by phone billing have spent less money overall than those who do not. It's a curious phenomenon and it's interesting to explore how it works.


Helps Players Keep Track Of Spending

trustly mobile depositWhile it may be one of the easiest and more convenient methods of payment, pay by phone billing is actually pretty good at helping you to keep track of what you're spending. Nobody likes spending outside their means and with other payment services that could very easily happen. But with mobile deposits? It hardly will.

Why? Because it gives you the option to review all the deposits you've made in the last month via your phone bill. Not to mention that your phone keeps all your confirmation texts so you can simply store them up and calculate how much you've spent. There is also a £30 daily deposit limit to help you keep track of what you're spending too.


Helps Players Save On Fees

piggy bankAt mobile casinos, there are usually many ways that players can make a deposit at a mobile casino. Pay by phone billing is only one of them. But those other methods sometimes require membership or transaction fees which can be an extra cost to the player that they don't want. It could even be a simple matter of the casino taking a card fee. All for the privilege of using their services…

With pay by phone billing, no such costs exist. Literally, the entire service is free of charge. The only thing you would ever have to pay is the amount you want to deposit. That is it. There's not even an extra charge on the texts you send. All network support it and therefore do not have to impose any extra costs. That's always a good thing.


Helps You To Never Overspend

casino paymentWe've briefly touched on this, but deposit limits are ever present when making a mobile deposit. That means players are never able to pay more than £30 a day. It's an effective discipline method that prevents you from spending outside your means. Many may see it as a con, especially if they're a high-roller, but it's better to have some restraint then to be constantly spending far too much.

£30 is also the average amount deposited daily, so we'd say the limit is pretty reasonable. That way, you can be sure that you never get too carried away. We find that quite reassuring. Less chance of addiction, that way. We like it when companies look out for us.

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