ProgressPlay LogoAlthough we go to great lengths to ensure that each and every player who passes through Fable Casino enjoys a one of a kind and exclusive gambling experience, we have to admit that our casino site may not be as unique as you may first suspect. The only reason you might have a feeling of familiarity when playing at Fable Casino is because it’s built on the ProgressPlay while table platform, but what does that actually mean?

To try and help you get you head around what ProgressPlay is, what it offers our casino and what it means to be a white label ProgressPlay casino, we’ve put together this guide which will explain this all to you. We thought long and hard before deciding to go with ProgressPlay as our software provider and hopefully this post will help you understand why we did.


What Is ProgressPlay?

To insiders, ProgressPlay is one of the most well-known names in the casino industry, but to players, its work often goes unnoticed or underappreciated. Launched in 2012 and today one of the best connected companies in the iGaming industry, ProgressPlay is a content creator as well as a conduit for other content creators to reach their audience.

Though a software developer in their own right – having created a casino platform and a few games of their own a few years back – ProgressPlay is also a key intermediary between operators and other developers, sharing all the best gaming content around to all the great casinos out there.


What Does ProgressPlay Provide For Fable Casino?

ProgressPlay Casino There are two main things that ProgressPlay provides to Fable Casino. The first is the casino ‘platform,’ i.e. the bare bones of the site, which create the place for people to play and games to be hosted. On top of this, they provide us with a selection of games for their huge portfolio of slots, casino games, progressives and live tables. ProgressPlay has partnered with dozens of developers – NetEnt, Microgaming, NextGen and Scientific Games, to Genesis, 1×2 gaming, Big Time gaming and Quickspin – to ensure their partner casinos have as much choice when it comes to games as possible.

On top of this, many of our promotions and our customer support services are managed by ProgressPlay, ensuring that the casino experience enjoyed by our players is coherent, holistic, welcoming and friendly every time they visit.

What’s the most valuable thing that ProgressPlay offers Fable Casino and thus our players? Choice. When we signed up to use the ProgressPlay platform, we were able to pick and choose from the hundreds upon hundreds of games available to us, meaning that we could curate a collection that is unique to our casino. We like to think we know our players better than anyone else, which is why we’re confident that the games we’ve chosen for our site are the best match for the people, who play here!


What Is A ProgressPlay White Label Casino?

fable casino logoHere, it’s important to make a distinction between a casino being operated by a developer and that developer providing the software for a casino. Fable Casino isn’t operated by ProgressPlay, because it is owned and operated by Fable Media – an iGaming company based out of Copenhagen.

Though the folks over at Fable Media are great at running online and mobile casinos, they’re no experts at creating casino platforms or games. This is where ProgressPlay comes in. By providing Fable Casino with a platform on which to operate and the games to populate the site, ProgressPlay makes it possible for non-software developers to run great casinos.

The idea of the ‘white label’ is that the product is provided by ProgressPlay, but the branding and running of the casino is down to whoever buys a license to the use the software. This gives Fable Casino the chance to inject its own personality into the daily operation, including things like offering exclusive bonuses, while knowing that its casino is going to offer the best playing experience possible.

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