Here at Fable Casino, we want all our players to be able to fund their accounts in a quick and easy manner, and to feel comfortable doing so. This is why we offer everyone a diverse and extensive range of depositing methods. At the casino, you can deposit via credit/debit card, with a pre-paid card or through various e-wallet services. You can also make payments through pay by phone and through other mobile depositing services such as Trustly.

Trustly is a banking method that allows players to make instant bank transfer payments to their casino accounts. It's straight-forward, fast and secure, all the things we know our players want from a depositing method. If Trustly sounds like it might be just what you've been searching for, check out this short video guide to learn a bit more about it.

Can't watch the video at the moment? Fear not, as we've broke down exactly how to use Trustly and all it's benefits below.


How To Make A Deposit With Trustly

Trustly casino banking methodIf you want to make a deposit via Trustly, you just need to follow the these four simple steps.

  1. Select ‘Trustly' as your depositing method at Fable Casino.
  2. Input the amount you wish to deposit.
  3. Select which UK bank you wish to use, and login to your account.
  4. Confirm the payment using your bank's security system.

How easy was that? One of the best things about Trustly is that you don't need to set up a specific payment account, like with e-wallets, nor do you need to download any software like a separate app.

Instead, Trustly uses your existing online banking account. We know that inputting these details may seem a little scary at first, but the method is entirely safe, because it uses your bank's security system. For instance, you may need to confirm the payment using a one-time passcode or by using your bank issued card reader.

So, you've managed to complete a Trustly payment within a matter of seconds. Bet you're feeling pretty great right now, aren't you? Want to feel even better? Read on to find out all the advantages of using Trustly over other mobile depositing methods.


Trustly Is Easy To Use

trustly mobile depositAs mentioned above, Trustly makes depositing at the casino a quick and simple affair. This is because it doesn't require you to set up yet another online account. Remembering – or forgetting – unique online usernames and passwords can really cut into your gaming time, and it adds unnecessary stress to the whole process. In contrast, Trustly utilizes your existing online bank account.

Futhermore, Trustly can be used with nearly every major UK bank, including Santander, Barclays, Halifax, Lloyds, The Co-operative Bank, Natwest and The Royal Bank of Scotland. This means that it is a depositing method, which is accessible to everyone. Once you're logged in to your bank, you can also switch between different accounts depending on which you wish for the deposit to come out of.


Trustly Is Secure

PadlockFor first-time users, Trustly can seem a little scary. This is because it requires you to input your online banking details, something which we're hard-wired to protect with our lives! However, Trustly can't actually see your details at any point of the transaction. Furthermore, the fact that all payments must be confirmed using your bank's ‘security token' means that only you can verify the payment.

A bank ‘security token' is the way in which your bank requires you to confirm payments, for example a passcode supplied by text message, a card-reader or a biometric mechanism. This extra step makes Trustly insusceptible to internet fraudsters, as without the banking token the process cannot be completed.


Trustly Is Free

No Fees StampAnother great benefit of using Trustly is the fact that it is always completely free to use. Whilst we never impose transaction fees here at Fable Casino, what you may not know is that some depositing methods do actually have hidden charges.

For instance, some e-wallets will charge you a commission fee for using the service. This means they will take a percentage of your deposit each time you fund your account. You may have never noticed this cost before, as the percentage is usually relatively low of around 1% or less. However, these small fees can add up quickly if you're depositing at the casino regularly.

Furthermore, e-wallet services may charge you extra fees for maintaining your account or penalize you if you're inactive for too long. In contrast, as Trustly uses your online banking account, it's entirely free to use as the service doesn't have to cover costs such as running a separate platform or exchanging currencies.

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