fable casino logoPart of what attracts so many people to our casino here at Fable Casino is the fact that we offer so much choice. That's choice in games, choice in promotions and (and this is important to this post) choice in banking options. We try and make it as easy as possible for everyone to deposit and we do this by offering a range of different payment methods, that make it possible for you to get money from pretty much anywhere into your casino account.

Two of the more high-tech and modern options we offer are Pay by Phone and Trustly, and many players have noted the similarities between the two. This has lead a number of players to question why we offer both, if they seem to function is such similar ways. Well, there are some key differences between Pay by Phone and Trustly, and although they’re both great payment methods that we highly recommend trying out, you should definitely understand the differences before you try making deposits using either of them.


The Similarities

pay by phone casino banking methodThe main similarity that players have highlighted between these two banking methods is the fact that you enter your phone number in order to make a deposit, and will receive a confirmation SMS to ensure you want to make the payment before it will process. The benefits of this for both payment methods are obvious.

Simply needing to remember your phone number is super easy, meaning you’re spared from having to remember login information or passwords. This not only means that the payment methods are quick to access, but also that they are perfect for mobile players. They can easily play on the go and don’t have to laboriously enter payment information from cards or e-wallet accounts.

The confirmation SMS from both services also acts as a security defense, ensuring that no one can fraudulently use your phone number to make payments. If the casino doesn’t receive confirmation from the person in possession of the phone the number is associated with, then there’s no way the payment will go through – you’re totally safe!


The Key Differences

Trustly casino banking methodWhile the way in which these payment methods function at a casino level might seem pretty similar, there’s one key difference you can’t overlook: where the money you’re depositing comes from. For Pay by Phone deposits, you’re looking at traditional phone bill deposit model, where your deposit is taken from your phone bill account and you’re charged at the end of the month.

For Trustly deposits, however, you can use a range of payment methods. That’s because Trustly is much closer to being an e-wallet: you store payment options like bank accounts or credit cards in your Trustly account and then select which you want to use to make each transaction.

The difference between Trustly and other e-wallets is that your account is hidden behind your phone number and a PIN rather than a username and password, making it more suitable for a mobile audience.

All this means that the choice between Pay by Phone and Trustly comes down to where you want to withdraw cash from to deposit at your casino. Of course, you should also take limits into account – Pay by Phone will limit you to depositing £30 a day. Meanwhile, Trustly will go much higher than this, plus you should also consider that you can make ithdrawals with Trustly, but not with Pay by Phone. Other than this, they function very much the same in practice.

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