many payment methodsHow many payment methods are you using at Fable casino? After our post about mixing banking options, it might be more than one or two. However, there’s more than one reason to use three or even more payment methods. In this post, we will give a few reasons why exactly you should consider doing so.

This doesn’t mean that there are no disadvantages to having many banking accounts or using many different services. However, it never hurts to try your options, does it? Besides, it’s not like we have all these options for making payments at Fable casino so that you could just pick one and stick to it. You’re free to switch between them as much as you want!

1. Makes Pay By Phone A Viable Option

pay by phone casino banking methodIf you’re using only one payment method, it can’t be Pay by Phone. That’s because it only allows depositing, so whenever you have to withdraw, you’ll be forced to use some other banking method. The same applies to a few other options as well, including Paysafecard. While Paysafecard is on par with many e-wallets at best, phone billing offers you something that you won’t get any other way.

We’ve written a good deal about Pay by Phone specifically and phone billing generally. That’s because it’s a quick, extremely safe and easy to use. It doesn’t require a registration or any managing either. Therefore, using more than more payment method is a good strategy because you’re then able to pay by phone. Just make sure that the other option you’re using allows withdrawing. On a different note, using even more methods can be useful too, regardless of your relation to phone billing.

2. Makes Payments Easier And More Convenient

casino paymentThe obvious advantage of having a few available options at all times is convenience. You can switch between them immediately and at your whim. Why would you need to switch in the first place if you’ve got your favourite method you always use? That’s a fair question many would ask. And we’ve got many answers to it.

For one thing, some bonuses at Fable casino may sometimes apply to just a single or a few specific payment methods. Even if you liked it, you wouldn’t be able to use it without those specific methods. Sure, you can always set them up when the need arises, but you will have to pick them up eventually.

On the other hand, some payment method may require you to deposit funds into them before making casino deposits. What if you're too lazy to do that or don’t have the funds at the moment? Well, you can always use a method that allows to pay into casino directly or uses another source of money altogether. Not all the banking methods require bank cards, you know. Others may withdraw funds from your mobile account, e-wallet balance or even lend them as a credit.

3. Makes Your Funds Safer

safety checkPeople who often travel on their own tend to keep their money in multiple places rather than their wallet only. This strategy is useful online too because it makes your funds safer in the worst case scenario. This is very unlikely to happen, but virtual attacks are a thing and payment operators aren’t immune to them.

So, if someone actually gets access to your account, they’re naturally going to make as much of it as they can. Luckily, it’s only this much they can do if you’ve got just a small portion of your funds over there. Using many payment methods allows to do just that – divide your funds and keep them in separate places. If anything goes wrong, you won’t lose it all.

One might argue that spreading out your funds also increases your chances to suffer from internet attacks. The more accounts you have all over the place, the greater the chance of running into a problem. In theory, this is true. However, the difference isn’t great at all because the chance is very low in both cases. Using a single payment method will always mean much greater damage if it does happen, though. To ensure that it doesn’t, keep your account details safe and use different passwords whenever possible.

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