Are you on the hunt for high volatility slots? Do you have an appetite for high risk slots? Do you even know what we’re talking about when we talk about volatility in slots machines? With ever greater diversification in the online and mobile gambling industry, one of the key ways that developers are setting their slots apart is by putting out games which sit at one extreme or the other of the slots volatility index. With the promise of either greater security at one end, or greater reward at the other, players have begun either seeking out low or high volatility online slots, depending on their taste for risk.

Volatility in slots machines might sound like a bit of a boring subject, but once you get your head around it, a solid understanding of how high volatility slots differ from medium and low volatility slots can greatly improve your experience of gambling online. You might, after reading this page, decide that high volatility slots (also often called high variance slots) are the way forward for you, or you may decide that you’re going to take things at an easier pace. Either way, after reading this, you’re going to be armed with the knowledge you need to know how volatile slot machines are, and how to take advantage of that.

What is Slot Machine Volatility?

In its most basic terms, slot volatility is a pretty easy concept to get your head around. Slot machine volatility effectively describes how risky a slot is to play, by telling you if a game will pay out little and often, a lot and infrequently, or somewhere in between. When a relatively experienced gambler learns about the slot volatility of a given game title, it’ll inform the way they play in a number of ways; they may wager less or more, bide their time, or be a more aggressive player, depending on what the slot machine volatility calls for.

At the bottom end of the scale you have low volatility slots, which are the games which pay out smaller amounts, but are more consistent when paying out. At the other end of the sliding scale, you have the very high volatility slots – the really risky games which may only pay out once in every little while, but hold in store the promise of much higher rewards for those with the nerve to tackle them. When we say ‘scale’, we mean this literally, as there are games which sit in every position from the most risky to the safest bets. Let’s explore a little more in depth about each of these positions…

High Volatility Slots

It’s no great exaggeration to say that high volatility slots are the ones that are favoured most by the serious gamblers who know what they’re doing and want to win big. Carrying the biggest risk of any slot machine, playing a high volatility game definitely exposes players to the greatest chance of going home penniless, or losing a great deal of cash over a short period of time. When it comes to slot machine volatility, high volatility slots are for those daring players who have a combination of the resources and bravery to take them on. High volatility slots are not for the faint hearted.

Of course, with all this talk of risk, it’s also worth pointing out that there are some really great reasons why you might choose to play high volatility slots over medium or low ones. Before we get onto reward, it’s even worth pointing out that there’s simply a much greater thrill associated with volatile slot machines – so if you’re simply the kind of player who gets a kick out the risk involved, then cranking up the slot volatility might be a great way to get an adrenaline boost.

The rewards you get from high volatility slots aren’t just chemical, though. If you play your cards (spins) right, you might find yourself quids in if you’re playing on high volatility slots. Of all the game types out there, the biggest rewards (unless we’re talking about things like progressive jackpots) are to be had on high volatility slots. At least in the base game, if you strike it lucky on one of these titles, you’re going to be far and away better off than if you play a medium or low variance game.

Medium Volatility

The middle of the road option when it comes to the risk slots have on offer is the medium volatility game. While high volatility slots offer huge rewards with increased risks, and low volatility slots offer the safety net of low and regular wins, these games in the middle are like the goldilocks of slot games, which don’t have the risk factor associated with high volatility slots, but still offer you the chance of landing a decent amount of cash.

When it comes to how volatile slot machines are, there’s no real set figure of ‘medium’, and there’s a whole range of games which might be considered medium volatility. These are a set of titles which suit the skilled but casual gambler, who doesn’t necessarily have the money to throw at high variance slots, but has a bit more of a taste for risk than those who settle for the low volatility slot machines.

Some accuse medium slot machine volatility games of lacking character – especially when compared side by side to the thrilling high volatility slots – but if you’re the kind of player who doesn’t fancy high volatility slots, and fancies a little more stability, they might be perfect for you.

Low Volatility Slots

At the other furthest extreme of the slots volatility index, you have low volatility slot machines, which are the games which are favoured both by amateur and beginner players, as well as those who might find themselves on a bit of a tight budget. It’s not necessarily accurate to say that low volatility slots are unexciting while high volatility slots are where all the thrills are at, but there’s certainly a perception of that among many hard core gamblers. While you might be seeking high volatility slots out for the adrenaline highs they offer, that’s not to say that low volatility slot machines can pack a punch when it comes to fun.

When you’re considering how volatile games are, you might look for a list of low volatility slots for a plethora of reasons, ranging from your desire to play for longer with a smaller amount of money, all the way to you wanting to branch out to new themes that a lower volatility game might offer.

While loads of players are looking for high volatility slots, why not be the one who breaks the mould, and gets really into the other end of slot machine volatility. Do a little research, and see if you can’t find a list of low volatility slots which might suit you. Bear in mind also that volatility on slots isn’t the be all and end all – you might fall in love with a game which is a totally different volatile slot machines level to what you think you prefer.

Are High Volatility Slots For Me?

You should now be in a position to decide whether or not high volatility slot machines are going to be the right choice for you when you’re playing. There’s no set secret to deciding the appropriate risk slots for you tastes, instead it’s all about balancing what you’re looking for from a game with what’s on offer. While you might decide that you want to give high volatility slot machines a go – perhaps because you think you stand to win bigger with more volatile games – you also need to be mindful of that the volatility on slots isn’t actually necessarily an indicator of quality.

You could look at the average list of low volatility slots and compare it to one of high volatility slots, and you’ll see on both a combination of both thoroughly enjoyable and playable games, and titles which are less desirable and much less worthy of your attention. The slots volatility index remains a useful guide for finding games which suit your taste in risk and reward, but you should never decide to play a game simply by researching the volatility in slots machines.

The volatility on slots only gives you an idea of one aspect of the game which is actually in most ways independent of what you’ll experience in the rest of the slot. While high variance slots gives you an idea of your chance of winning or losing on the average spin, it tells you nothing about the game’s features, quality or other appeal. All this means that while high volatility slots might be your favoured games in terms of risk, you may still want to give specific games a miss.

Regardless of what you decide, it’s always worth checking the volatility in slots machines before you plough in and start playing. You don’t want to labour yourself with volatile games which don’t suit your tastes, or always be playing overly safe games when you want to be playing high volatility online slots.