Extreme Blackjack Fable Casino PromotionIf you're a live casino fan, then Fable Casino has the perfect promotion for you this August in the form of the Extreme Blackjack Marathon. If you take part in the live blackjack tables at Fable Casino between 24th August 2017 – 28th August 2017, then you can earn yourself additional points, which can put you in the running to win €600 (£545).

Every win you earn on a live blackjack table will score you 30 points, which will be tracked by the casino. Every player who has a live blackjack win during this period will be put in the running, with the five highest scoring players able to walk away with a real cash prize at the end of the tournament.


Play The Extreme Blackjack Marathon At Fable Casino

live casino games fable casinoYou can play any of the live casino versions of blackjack at Fable Casino, whether it's the standard edition or VIP edition. As long as you win a game, you earn your 30 points and move up the leaderboard. There will be five winners in total, with the prizes being dealt out among them at the end of the marathon on the 28th August.

  • 1st place – €600 (£545)
  • 2nd place – €500 (£454)
  • 3rd place – €400 (£363)
  • 4th place – €300 (£272)
  • 5th place – €200 (£181)

live-dealers-fable-casinoThe blackjack tables that are valid within the Extreme Blackjack Marathon include the following games: blackjack, blackjack2, blackjack3, blackjack VIP and live blackjack. All the leaderboards are updated instantly, so you can keep track of your score in real time and determine how many wins you have to achieve in order to hit the top five winners.

The competition will start from midnight of 24th August, all the way to midnight of the 28th August, with the winner being determined up to the very last second of the promotion.

All the cash prizes during the promotion are real cash money, so once you receive them, you can withdraw them instantly without having to fulfill any extra wagering requirements. You should receive your winnings within 72 hours of the competition's end, so there won't be long to wait before you get your payout.

Of course, since the prize money is real cash, it's not too much to expect that all your wagers must also be real cash wagers, meaning no bonus casino cash wagers will count towards your points.


Play Amazing Promos Around The Clock At Fable Casino

fable casino promotionsNot a moment goes by that Fable Casino isn't offering a brand new promotion or tournament for players to enjoy. Whether you want quick and easy player rewards, or you fancy being rewarded in a more competitive fashion, there'll be something special waiting for you at Fable Casino.

Fable Casino also likes to gives its players a reason to keep playing, regardless of their gaming preference. Unlike other mobile casinos which give certain players an unfair advantage, Fable Casino has something for you to play for whether you're into slots, table games or even live casino games.

If you sign up with Fable Casino now, you can start earning your welcome package worth up to £1,500, just in time for the start of the Extreme Blackjack Marathon on the 24th August 2017!

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