sword of destiny slots gamePerhaps one of the best mobile slots Scientific Games has ever produced, Sword of Destiny embodies the perfect harmony between all the components that every player wants from a mobile slot. Operable on a whole range of devices, this game is most likely to appeal to hardcore fantasy nerds as well as the average slot player. Competent gameplay as well as a plethora of bonus features, there's just something about Sword of Destiny that greatly appeals to us.

It's such a good title that we honestly believe that SG have made a game worthy of competing with the likes of bigger software developers like NetEnt and Microgaming. This could have easily have gone downhill for them but it hasn't and we're here to take a look at what Makes Sword of Destiny great.


Game Mechanics

The reason gameplay with Sword of Destiny is so good is because it is so simple. Some may even call it formulaic but, sometimes, formulaic works best. You've got 5 reels and 25 paylines with a minimum of 50p per spin to a maximum of £250. This range covers most players' budgets and makes the game feel much more dynamic.

sword of destiny win main reel

With an RTP of 95.94%, the game has a respectable edge in the player's favour, allowing the game itself a medium variance. You’ll be satisfied most of the time for every win, seeing as you're stacking money up and up often enough to make it satisfying. Basically, you don't have to try too hard to get a win but it's not too easy that it easily bores you.

The reels in Sword of Destiny are set in a fantasy setting with revolving background images that are both highly detailed and epic to look at. Of course, said images are mostly sexy women with large swords and spellbooks but they’re excellent nonetheless.


Bonus Features

Main gameplay is pretty solid for Sword of Destiny, but what about its bonus features? Do they add to the game or add too much detail? Well, it definitely gives the game a much needed extra dimension that makes the experience of playing it much, much more satisfying. There are six in all and they could easily be divided up between two categories.

sword of destiny scatter

The first four bonuses of Sword of Destiny are found on the main reel and are activated randomly. These are the ‘clump wilds', ‘random wilds', ‘wild groups', and ‘symbols upgraded feature'. Each covers a certain part of the reel and provides players with a much needed leg-up on winning much more easily.

sword of destiny wild

As well as this, Sword of Destiny provides two bonus games. The Temple Tower Jackpot allows them to access a ladder which they can ascend and collect prizes from, while the Free Games bonus essentially gives players extra spins and multipliers so their chance of getting a bigger win escalates further. Again, these bonuses make the game feel very three-dimensional and give it the much needed dynamism that's missing in a lot of video slots these days.


Game Performance

Performance, as you can well imagine, is an excellent factor in Sword of Destiny's success. Running on an X-Zone game engine, this gives it the capacity to work not just on desktops and mobiles but on video slot machines too. Want to know how a slot can encompass online and land-based gambling? There's your answer. Aside from this, the game's animation, sound design and graphics are truly spectacular. A lot of money and time must have been invested in this slot.

sword of destiny slots bonus



Sword of Destiny embodies everything we could ever want from a mobile slot. There's no question about it — big developers better watch out because the indie developer can make a game that's just as big and bold as theirs and even beat them. No-fuss gameplay, awesome additional features, very aesthetically pleasing, Sword of Destiny does not get the recognition it deserves. We hope, by reading this review, you have decided to check it out for yourself and in doing so helped the slot gain more traction.

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