Sunny Shores Feature ImageWould you not enjoy being in the tropics, soaking up the sun by the beach right now? Distance used to be a hindrance for us, but now that seems but an elusive idea. That is because the whole concept of Yggdrasil’s Sunny Shores is to bring you exactly that. They know you miss it. Well this game brings you back to relaxation right in the comforts of your own home. No more gloomy weather — just glistening water, beautiful blue sky and a fruit paradise that awaits you.

Come into a state of tranquil relaxation as this game very rarely fluctuates, meaning the possibilities of losing cash would not even be in question. As the settings of the game fits the theme, I’d say I just can’t wait to dive into the salty waters of this beach haven.


Game Mechanics

This game greets you with a warm smile, a welcoming adorable Mr. Sun and a layout of a 5×5 reel with a standardized 27 paylines. Entrance fees to this exclusive beach is a minimum of 5p to a maximum VIP standards of £100 per spin. This platform of a getaway is guaranteed to be fuss-free, because the entire slot game is direct and brings no confusion. Yggdrasil did not want to induce anxiety and stress in their players this time around and I appreciate their efforts.

Sunny Shores Base Game Win

There are choices for you to even alter the controls as per wish, splayed at the bottom of the reels. If you’re curious about the payouts, we have decided it stood in the range of low volatility. Being here makes everything wonderful, including the payout frequency, which by the way is predictably reasonable. Nothing, but good vibes in this game!

Sunny Shores Small Win

But of course, they did not leave out bonuses. You can be sure to enjoy complimentary bonuses as you spin the reels and have Mr. Sunny take care of the rest.


Bonus Features

Thankfully, Sunny Shores was made with the intention to have a great escape from the hectic life we already live in. Hence, everything was kept as elementary as it could possibly be. Get Mr. Sunny to serve you the menu and he will explain to you that they offer two bonus features – Expanding Sunny Wilds and Sunny Wild Re-spin.

Sunny Shores Normal Win

I'm going to let you in on a secret before you play: the entirety of the game revolves mostly around Expanding Sunny Wilds. Don’t we love it when sunbeams radiate in all directions, releasing its goodness energy to the ones beside it? In this case, the initial centered Wild is the sun that does the beaming in all different directions…

I’ll do the math for you, so you don’t need to crack your brains. There is a potential here to get up to 16 new wilds as a direct result of the amplification beams. You can achieve that by getting eight different positions around a symbol, plus an expansion of up to two wilds in each direction. They have got the edge of your reels covered too, if you’re wondering, by merely expanding on the opposite reels.

Sunny Shores Re-spin Trigger

Moving on to the next bit, Sunny Wild Re-spin. That is actually the annex to the Expanding Sunny Wilds. Just by obtaining any of the Expanding Sunny Wilds, it automatically activates the re-spinning. That is like gift inception, because in a Wild you get another spin.

So, let say you manage to get one more Sunny Wild during the times of re-spinning, you’re in for another re-spin. Stop getting new Sunny Wilds and the feature ceases. The game basically takes care of you and itself, so rest assured you are in a safe place.


Game Performance

I absolutely fell in love with their graphics and animation. Greeted with a cheery Mr. Sun emerging from the blue skies, it instantly melted all my stresses away. Sincerely I knew I would enjoy this game just by looking at the opening introduction. It is not only bright, colourful and happy, it literally depicted a theme of a tropical paradise.

It had an environment that flourished with luscious trees and that resonated with me very well. Gameplay was of usual standards as other slots and the larger reels performed flawlessly as well.

Sunny Shores Super Big Win

You can access this game anywhere – On iOS, Android, PC, you name it. Fuss-free in its essence, the game is also reported to be loading smoothly by other players, making it enjoyable through and through.


Anything Special?

If there is only one thing that makes the entire game distinctive, it's that it runs by itself — in a good way. The invention of the Expanding Sunny Wilds really makes it easy for all slot players. This gives you no excuse to not be in a place of love and harmony with the game, allowing it to do its thing, then sit back and enjoy it fully.

Sunny Shores Bonus Symbols

Just like how the sun derives energy from itself and still radiates out goodness to the world in an unending manner, Expanding Sunny Wilds and it’s accompanied re-spin feature does exactly the same.



If you are having a bad day, missing the equator and its magical tropical sunshine, you can definitely count on Yggdrasil to bring everything to you through Sunny Shores. Serenity in a slot game, a genuine gem for you slot players out there. Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy your life and have a go at this self-expanding game. A great summer edition, let their Wilds and re-spins take care of you and, hopefully, your wallet.

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