Online casinos offer many kinds of games, but nothing is as popular as slots and for a good reason. Slot games are simply better than other casino games in many respects. They‘re easy to pick up and are no less exciting than other games, just check out this short video guide and you‘ll see for yourself.



If you want an exciting and profitable game time at your casino, slots are perfect for you. And in case you were wondering where to find them, check out Fable casino‘s slot game collection, featuring hundreds of the most original games in the industry. Here all the reasons why we believe slots are superior to other casino games.


Slots Are Cheaper

cheap blue piggybankNot all the slots are the same, but most will allow you to bet as little as 10p or 20p per single spin. In comparison, roulette and blackjack starts at 50p or even £1 per single bet. It’s true that some premium slots will have a minimum bet of £1. But then again, there are also slots that cost just a single penny. So, slots are much cheaper on average and, in addition, they can pay out more nonetheless.


Slots Pay Out The Highest Jackpots

progressive jackpot slots mega jackpotSlot jackpots are mind-blowing compared to other casino games. Card games will usually just double or triple your bet when you win. Even roulette pays out 35x times your wager for the very highest payout. It takes a lot of turns to accumulate a substantial win this way. Slots is an entirely different story as they can pay out hundredfold and more.

Depending on a slot, a big win can reach up to 500x your wager and more. If we consider progressive jackpots, it gets completely out of hand. Progressive jackpots increase as people play them and can reach well into millions of pounds. That‘s how all the lucky online casino millionaires are made!


Slots Are Constantly Innovating

innovating slot game thunderstruck IISince slots are so popular, things tend to get a little competitive. That‘s why all the developers try to stand out from the crowd. Thousands of online slots were developed throughout the years, and original concepts are still being implemented into them. From how playlines work to different bonuses and features, no aspect escapes the developers‘ attention.

Other casino games like blackjack and roulette barely change at all. Their look and performance is improving and some themed casino table games exist. However, the gameplay itself doesn't really change. Slots, on the other hand, can be divided into many different sub-categories, simply because the developers keep experimenting with them all the time.


Slots Are Easier To Play

spin button slotsPlaying roulette requires understanding of how betting works and what bets are possible. Blackjack is impossible to play without studying the maths behind the cards and various strategies. You won‘t be able to play these games by simply joining and hoping for the best. Unless you want to walk away having lost money every single time, that is… That‘s another disadvantage against slots.

Speaking of slots, they are perfect for new casino players. You can simply open any slot and start spinning. Understanding how a particular slot works is helpful, but you can still play well and win a jackpot without any knowledge on the game. Almost everything depends on luck, so you can just relax and watch the reels spin, waiting for that big payout. No complex strategies or intense thinking is involved.


Slots Have The Best Bonuses

fable casino slot bonusesSince slots are better and more popular than other casino games, sites like Fable Casino focus their attention precisely on them. This means that slots fans always have more bonuses to choose from. While promotions and rewards for other casino games are also frequent, there are usually many less to choose from. Bonuses for slots, however, include cash rewards, extra spins, tournaments, deposit bonuses and more.

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