play poker online with friends freeWhat’s better than a relaxing session of online poker after the hard day’s work? Only one thing: a session of online poker with your best friends! Sure, it’s fun to meet new people at the virtual poker table from all around the world sometimes. But let’s be honest, most times you won’t chat with anyone anyway. Besides, some players ruin all the fun way too often by either going all-in on every turn or using other ridiculous ‘strategies’.

Luckily, playing online poker with friends is a whole different matter. For one thing, at least they’ll be trying to play to win. On top of that, it’s much more fun when you know who is actually behind that avatar. And the best thing about poker with friends is that you get to tease them about their every loss afterwards!

Play Poker Against Friends Online

play with friends onlinePlaying online poker with friends is easy. Just join a poker site, invite your friends, deposit some cash and create a room to play together. However, keep in mind that most poker rooms aren’t really free.

If you want the thrill of poker in a company of good friends, no real cash in necessary. While using play money isn’t as exciting as playing for real cash, it’s can still be a great way to spend the evening.

Plus, it’s much easier to persuade people to join if they get all the play money they want without spending a single penny of their own. That’s exactly what they can get if they use a mobile poker app, for example.

Poker Online Free Apps

There are lots of poker programmes on various devices, but mobile apps are the best for two reasons:

  1. They can be played anywhere (unlike desktop games which can only be played in front of a computer)
  2. They’re easy to set up and everyone has a device to play them on

So, that’s what we’re going to focus on and present some of the best mobile poker apps that you can play with friends for free (using free money) this very minute. All of them are available on both Android and iOS devices too.

World Series of Poker App

world series of poker appOne of the best known online poker apps, the official WSOP online poker isn’t just any random free app. It offers top quality and is played by many fans of the tournament. As a result, it also doesn’t have as many bad players as most other apps.

What’s more, you can even participate for a virtual WSOP bracelet or ring in this game. Or you can just play it casually using free money and have a good time. This app supports several poker games, including Pot-Limit Omaha, which isn’t the type you’ll frequently find elsewhere.

Appeak Poker App

appeak poker appDon’t let the extremely simplistic design fool you. This poker app is actually very good and minimalism is exactly what it’s aiming for. You won’t find spam or ads here, nor is it stuffed with unrelated clutter, bonus games or features that nobody really wants.

All it has is the poker game and all the features and settings are related to the gameplay directly instead of mini games and other things in-between.

Appeak Poker is being supported to this day and you can play the regular games, sit and go, heads on and other modes with different poker types. It’s perfect for a company of friends who want a simple, but effective poker platform.

Governor of Poker 3 App

governor of poker 3Unlike Appeak Poker, Governor of Poker 3 is more about the aesthetics and immersion. Each player here is represented by a character wearing a cowboy or cowgirl hat which can be modified or coloured in various ways.

The app also follows your progress and includes a leveling up system to reflect each player’s experience. There are many tournaments to participate in, many badges and trophies to win and saloons to visit on a fictional map. What matters the most is that you can play with friends using free money, so this app will be loved by those who like decent graphics and extra touches like the ability to use body language to brag or bluff.

Play Poker Online With Friends in Private

Most of the apps mentioned above also allow you to create private rooms and invite all your friends into a single place, while also restricting access to the other players. However, if you don’t like these selections, there’s much more to choose from. Below, you’ll find even more examples of free money poker apps that have a private room option.

Unfortunately, they aren’t available on all the operating systems like previous examples are. Instead of this, they involve better communication systems and more game aspects you can adjust when creating private poker games.

PokerMaster App

pokermaster appFully customizable private poker games and even tournaments are what PokerMaster excels at. Available on all Apple devices, this poker app should cover the combined functions of most other similar apps.

Among its features, you’ll find many game types and modes, social network support, voice chat, game history, statistics and recently played hands to take a look back and analyse your and other people’s moves.

Like most apps of this type, PokerMaster is a freemium poker app, which means you can play it for free, but extra play money is available for cash. However, you can’t win real money at it as only play money mode is supported.

Pokerrrr2 App

pokerrrr2 appIf your friends have Androids instead of iOS devices, you can choose a similar app compatible with your software called Pokerrrr2. While it’s not the most serious name for a free poker app, you’ll find it’s quite a solid choice to play poker with friends.

Many types of poker are supported here, including Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Vegas Poker, 5 Card Poker and many others. The list of available modes is also quite vast, including Sit & Go and Multi-Table Tournament.

Finally, a unique design and immersive perspective will make you feel as if you were in a real wild west saloon, playing poker where it was first played before the time of real casinos.

3.6/5 (10 Reviews)