casino mobile payments gowinThe New Year is almost upon us, and while we here at Fable Casino are looking forward to the slew of new games we’ve got coming out way in January, there’ll be thousands of players out there wondering what their next casino adventure is going to be. One element that’ll be an integral part of many of those adventures will be phone bill depositing, which remains one of the most popular ways to deposit among mobile casino players.

It’s true that 2016 and 2017 saw some really convincing competitors come to the fore in terms of casino banking, with brands like Zimpler and Trustly offering decent alternatives to phone bill deposits, but we here at Fable are staunch supporters of the payment method, and so we thought we’d take this opportunity to mount defense against the degradation we’ve seen phone billing become the victim of over the last couple of years.

To that end, here are the reasons we think phone bill depositing will still be relevant in 2018:

Still Anonymous

mobile phone securityOf course, one of the big reasons many players opt to use phone bill depositing is a matter of privacy; with phone billing services, you don’t have to share any personal or banking information you don’t want to with the casino you’re playing at. This contrasts with the new competitors like Zimpler and Trustly, who – despite being dedicated to privacy and security – do require you to share a bunch of information with them.

If you’re really security conscious, then phone billing is a great way to ensure you never have to divulge any sensitive information.

Still The Fastest

The other big draw for players to phone billing has always been – of course – the speed with which money finds its way into your casino account. Because the money is coming from the trusted phone companies, casinos really cut down on the processing time of transactions. It the vast majority of phone billing transaction, the money is in your player account pretty much instantly, meaning that if you’re tight for time in 2018, phone billing is a great way to go.

Still The Most Convenient

mobile bankingWhile speed is certainly a big factor in deciding the popularity of a payment method, as is the convenience the given payment method offers. What we mean by this is the easy with which the payment is made, and the other requirements attached to making the payment. Given that phone bill payments can be made with just a phone, and take only a couple of step, not requiring a sign in, there’s not any other payment method we can think of which will be more convenient for you to use next year!

Still Growing

Despite what the competitors out there might have you believe, phone bill depositing is nowhere near being in retreat. While it’s true that the ground on which it sits is becoming a little more crowded out, there’s still an increasing number of casinos out there who are adding phone bill payment capabilities to their sites, and a growing number of players who are seeking it out as their main payment option.

It’s sure now that 2018 is going to be the biggest ever year for phone bill depositing, and you should make sure you’re a part of it!

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