paypal funds nowThe new Funds Now feature by PayPal grants instant payouts to the casinos accepting deposits via PayPal. So, gambling sites are now much more likely to prioritize PayPal as their main casino payment method.

Therefore, users who are willing to start using PayPal can expect significant advantages.

  • Casinos will likely introduce bonuses exclusive to PayPal depositors
  • PayPal will become a more popular online casino payment method
  • PayPal users at online casinos might get better terms for already existing bonuses
  • The casino e-wallet will become more valuable to casino operators and their customers

All this can be expected thanks to that single but highly promising feature. The instant payouts of casino profits gained from PayPal transactions can mean a lot to some operators. As a casino player, you won’t see it happen, but you will definitely feel its impact as you gamble.

PayPal Launches Funds Now

paypal casino and slotsPayPal is continuously trying to stay at the top of its market. Funds Now is a perfect example of this, giving PayPal an edge over its competitors.

The new ‘Funds Now’ feature is dedicated to businesses which use PayPal to make their transactions. What it does is pay out the company profits from PayPal as soon as they get them. In this case, it’s when a casino player makes a deposit.

Meanwhile, other companies that process casino deposits and withdrawals aren’t that swift. It can take days or even weeks for the casino operators to claim their own casino profits. So, PayPal’s competitors like Skrill and Neteller aren’t as beneficial in this respect.

PayPal’s Funds Now makes their payments platform a better choice for transactions than ever.

Funds Now for Online Casino Operators

In short, PayPal casinos in the UK have an advantage they’ve never had before because:

  • Funds Now is a free feature, meaning all trusted PayPal casinos can get it
  • It has already launched in the UK
  • It provides the operators with more flexibility and new opportunities

PayPal is offering the feature at zero cost, so there’s no reason not to take it. Besides, it’s already making an impact in some countries. The United Kingdom is one of those countries too.

With the new feature, PayPal allows claiming and reinvesting the profits without the need to wait. It’s something that no online casino operator would say “no” to. It gives them more flexibility and better business opportunities.

It’s no wonder that online casinos look forward to a feature that’s both useful and free.

What This Means for Online Punters

Since PayPal has become more appealing to the casino businesses, they’ll try to use it more too. One of the ways they can do it is by offering PayPal deposits and withdrawals at their online sites.

Even if they do so already, it would make sense for them to make PayPal e-wallet more popular. After all, if more players deposited by PayPal, more funds would be available to the house instantly.

As a result:

We can expect new business strategies that emphasise PayPal online and mobile e-wallet. That’s where the casino players should pay more attention.

As PayPal increases its appeal to the casinos, casino operators will, in turn, try to sell the players on it too.

PayPal Casino Gambler's Exclusive Offers

There are many ways a casino can lead the player to use PayPal instead of any other service. A bonus for PayPal depositors or even a slight change in payment-related terms could do the trick.

Thus, a PayPal casino that wishes more of its players used PayPal deposits and withdrawals could offer:

  • Special bonuses i.e. 25% reload match or 25 free spins when using PayPal
  • Tournaments or prize raffles for PayPal users exclusively
  • Removed casino fees on PayPal deposits and withdrawals
  • Lower minimum deposit limits for PayPal
  • Altered bonus terms where using PayPal would be more beneficial

We don’t have to tell about the creativity of online casino bonuses and features. So, you can expect a lot of original and new opportunities for PayPal users.

Considering the bonuses your PayPal casino might offer, PayPal is likely to become the new best choice for casino transactions.

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