paypal blocked accountPayPal has raised many eyebrows recently with numerous account blocks. Some of the banned PayPal users include far-right activists, anti-fa organizations and, a little earlier, ASMR artists.

This has led many people to question PayPal’s decisions and the reasoning behind it. If the company is triggered so easily, who can be sure that their PayPal account won’t be the next to go?

In this article, we’ll look at the reasons why the top payments provider worldwide limits and blocks accounts. Also, we’ll provide some tips on keeping your e-wallet safe:

  • Keep your profile updated
  • Contact the company when you’re travelling
  • Contact them when you’re expecting an unusual amount of money

Why Does PayPal Block Payments?

paypal ban antifaThere are many ways to get your account blocked, as is evident from the recent examples. Unfortunately, the company isn’t always clear about their true reasoning.

When asked about this after the recent bans of various anti-fascist organizations, the representatives were vague:

“We have and continue to remove accounts that we deem to be promoting hate, discriminatory intolerance or those that are involved in perpetuating violence.”

The PayPal ban ASMR creators had to endure was received as similarly controversial. PayPal dubbed ASMR as “sexual content”, which is an understandable reason to limit someone’s activity.

The problem is, most of this content isn’t sexual at all. As a result, more people are starting to doubt PayPal’s decisions. Apparently, being an activist or a creator is getting risky as PayPal enters an account blocking frenzy.

PayPal Blocked Funds for 180 Days

paypal freeze moneyDespite these seemingly subjective interpretations of their own policy, PayPal does have specific rules in place. Safety is a top priority here, which is why anything suspicious might get you into trouble.

All you need to do get your PayPal account frozen for six months is:

  • Not updating your account information or leaving these fields blank
  • Issues with credits or debts in the past
  • Breaking the user’s policy, e.g. the aforementioned hate promotion or providing sexual content
  • Have someone complain about your business
  • Receiving an unusually large amount of money quickly

When the company freezes your money in the e-wallet, you can’t access any of it. Unlike the indefinite ban, you can still get the funds back after 180 days. However, that can cause many problems if you need the money now.

PayPal Banned Account

Getting your account completely banned is just as easy. In fact, the same reasons apply as the ones listed above. On top of that, there are some other ways to lose your PayPal wallet without a prior warning:

  • Creating your PayPal account before you’re 18
  • Sending or receiving illegal funds, selling illegal goods
  • Having a link with another account that engages in restricted activities
  • Using PayPal while in another country where the service isn’t allowed

In short, you’ve got to be really careful when using this service.

Then again, in the recent examples with content creators and activists, this didn’t even matter. You might be following the rules and still get your money frozen or e-wallet banned.

Is Gambling a Red Flag?

paypal casino chipPayPal can be used for gambling online as well as many online casinos accept PayPal payments. You can use this service to deposit money into your casino bankroll and withdraw your winnings back to the wallet.

Can online gamblers be sure that this activity won’t put them on PayPal’s radar, though?

You’re all good if:

  • You gamble on a legal site
  • You’re in a country where it’s allowed to do so
  • You aren’t underage

We all know that PayPal used to be sceptical about this gambling business. While they aren’t as tense now, it’s difficult to predict whether they won’t change their mind again.

Luckily, as for now, it’s completely safe to gamble with PayPal. Thousands are doing it every day and transferring money with ease.

Keep Your PayPal Account Safe

Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that your account will be safe forever. The people featured in the latest PayPal news didn’t expect this to happen either.

On the bright side, there’s something you can do to minimise the risk:

1. Update Your Profile

time for updateAlways keep your PayPal profile up to date. This means you should fill out all the information there is to fill and update it. Did you change your phone number or e-mail? Did you get a new bank card?

PayPal needs to see these changes or else they might get suspicious. And suspicion is often all it takes to lose your account and all the money in it for 180 days.

2. Travelling with PayPal

travelLet them know when you’re planning to use the service abroad. If you don’t, they’ll think your account has been hacked and used by fraudulent foreigners.

This may seem like a lot of trouble, but you’re in trouble anyway if you’re planning to skip this step. In fact, you don’t even need to be abroad. Logging in from a different device or an unusual IP is already a risk.

3. Stay Consistent or Stay in Touch

arrowsAre you expecting to receive a large amount of money while your previous income was small? Or, perhaps, you suddenly start receiving money in irregular intervals after a period of inactivity because you just began freelancing?

Changes in money transactions or user behaviour can also attract unwanted attention. You should either stay consistent in your user’s habits and money transactions or stay in touch. Contact the staff and let them know about the changes you’re expecting soon.

Remember all this to keep your PayPal account safe and sound.

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