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In this update, we've added more information about the different types of payment methods available for mobile casino users. We also sought to clarify why we've selected the Pay by Phone method for use here at Fable Casino. We hope this guide now serves as a one stop shop for all your Pay by Phone and phone bill deposit queries.

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Fable Casino is a both a mobile friendly casino and an SMS deposit casino, offering players mobile optimised slots and casino games, whilst also giving them the option to deposit using their mobile phone. The mobile depositing method that Fable Casino has chosen to support is Pay By Phone, which stands head and shoulders above its competing mobile depositing services such as a Boku payment casino and Payforit, in our opinion anyway.

Pay By Phone takes all the best parts of mobile depositing, such as its increased security and speed, and refines every aspect of its service. In this guide, we'll take a look at how Pay By Phone works, how it weighs up against Boku deposit casinos and casinos using Payforit depositing, and why it's the mobile phone bill depositing method that you should be using if you value your mobile casino safety.

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What Are The Safest Casino Deposit Methods?

There are a lot of common factors, which all mobile phone bill depositing services share. Every pay by phone service allows users to charge any payments to their mobile phone credit or phone bill. If you're a Pay As You Go user, then you can pay using phone credit, whereas a contract customer will have the charge added to their end of the month phone bill, listed as if it was a premium text message charge.

Mobile phone bill depositing is very safe overall, although you might not be aware of that from a first glance. Every mobile phone bill depositing service requires just your mobile phone number to start the payment. Then, each mobile phone service has an additional level of security which makes it impossible for someone to remotely pay for something using your mobile phone.

That being said, there are a few different mobile payment services available for casino users and, like everything in life, each comes with it's own advantages and disadvantages. In this section, we'll discuss the three biggest mobile payment services (Boku pay by mobile, Payforit and Pay by Phone) and weigh up how safe each is.


Boku LogoBoku is by far the most popular mobile casino SMS deposit method, as there are hundreds of pay by Boku casinos around. A casino Boku payment requires you to to respond to an SMS, to verify the payment. This makes mobile casino Boku sites incredibly safe compared to other e-wallet services. Whilst e-wallets can be hacked remotely if someone has your login details, the idea with Boku is that someone can use your mobile phone number to begin the payment process, but can't complete it since they don't have your mobile phone itself.

However, the method doesn't account for if your mobile is stolen. If someone has access to your handset, they can easily visit a deposit by Boku pay by mobile casino, and proceed to casino pay with Boku on your behalf. It's this flaw which makes the Boku deposit method not as safe as it first seems as it does allow for a Boku mobile payment hack to occur.

How To Use Boku Pay By Mobile

Although Boku does have it's safety drawbacks, it's a very appealing option for many players who wish to play at a pay with Boku casino.  Luckily Boku is very easy to use, and  you can actually complete a deposit by phone bill Boku transaction in just four simple steps. Do note, however, that as Fable Casino does not accept Boku payments, you will have to find another mobile casino with Boku.

  1. To make a Boku casino deposit, you first need to visit the banking page of your Boku casino 2018, click deposit and select ‘Pay with Mobile'.
  2. Enter the amount you wish to deposit with Boku and provide your mobile phone number.
  3. Reply ‘Y’ to the SMS verification message.
  4. Your casino pay by Boku deposit should be available to use immediately.This means you can enjoy slots pay by Boku straightaway, as well as everything else the casino pay with Boku has to offer, such as Boku payment betting, Boku payment games and Boku live casino rooms.


Payforit LogoPayforit is another well known mobile depositing brand, and there are many payforit casinos around. This offers players who want to visit a pay by mobile casino not boku another option and it's also a very safe mobile depositing method. In contrast to Boku's pay via SMS casino service, Payforit casinos require you to enter a random six digit code which is texted to you every time. This means there's no need to reply to the SMS message, yet your payment is still secured by the single use code.

That being said, casino Payforit services still do not account for if someone has stolen your phone. If someone else has access to your phone, they can make a mobile casino Payforit mobile payment, as they'll also have access to the single use code. Whilst this risk can be avoided with mobile passcodes and biometric safety measures, it still means that Payforit is not 100% secure.

Where Can I Use Payforit?

Fable casino does not accept Payforit or Boku payments, as we have chosen to use another pay by SMS casino method which we believe to be more secure. We'll talk about this in more detail later in this guide, yet if you are still searching for a Payforit casino, the good news is there's plenty of websites that use Payfor it around.

Pay By Phone

The third and final SMS casino payment method we're talking about today is Pay by Phone, and it's actually the SMS bill casino method we accept here at Fable Casino.

pay by phone fable casinoWhen you sign up with a pay by text casino, which uses Pay By Phone as a depositing method, you'll be given a four digit code, known as your Pay By Phone pay as you go validation number. Every time you go to deposit using Pay By Phone, you will be asked for your four digit validation number.

This applies for both pay as you go phone users and pay monthly phone users, as Pay by Phone accepts both types of customers. The service works like any other sms payment casino method in that if you're a pay as you go user your deposit will be subtracted from your exisiting phone credit, or if you're a pay monthly phone user, you'll receive a charge to mobile casino on your monthly phone bill.

The difference, however, with Pay by Phone rather than other deposit via SMS casino services is that Pay by Phone is entirely secure. This is because the method takes into consideration what happens if your phone is stolen.

The four digit code given to you when you make your first Pay by Phone casino SMS payment is short, so it's easy to remember and therefore you can delete the number off your phone. This is more secure than anything other pay by phone services have to offer and why we think it's the only SMS pay casino method which offers safe mobile casinos.

If someone has your mobile and uses a pay by Boku casino or Payforit casino, then they can still make a payment as they'll receive the SMS deposit mobile casino message, which they need to respond to or get the six digit code in order to authorise the payment.

On the other hand, with Pay By Phone, if someone has your mobile and tries to make a casino pay SMS deposit, there is nothing to worry about if you've deleted that four digit validation code. The best part is that you have a different number for every deposit by SMS casino you use with Pay By Phone, so even if someone knows one of your codes, they can't use it at any place that Pay By Phone is available.

Someone with your mobile, however, can use Boku mobile pay with SMS casinos and Payforit SMS casino deposits wherever they go, since the login process is always the same.

Pay By Phone Securely At Fable Casino

fable casino welcome bonusPay By Phone has fewer steps in its depositing process than any other casino deposit SMS service out there. You don't even need to enter your mobile phone number, as its service is tied directly to the casino. All you need to do is enter a four digit code that you have memorised, without needing to hunt down an randomly generated key or send back an SMS.

With speed and security on its side, there are very few reasons to miss other mobile depositing services. Pay By Phone is safe, fast and most importantly, available at hundreds of incredible casinos, including Fable Casino.

At Fable Casino, we are very proud to offer all of our players the ability to make SMS casino deposits, without any need to worry about security breaches. Moreover, as we know that finding a great mobile casino pay by SMS service is important to our players, and so we hope that everybody feels catered for.

As Fable Casino offers the ability to make casino deposit by SMS via Pay by Phone, this means you can enjoy casino games pay by sms, mobile slots pay by SMS, and even progressive jackpot slots pay by sms, all under one roof!

If you head to Fable Casino right now, you can make your first deposit and receive a big deposit match welcome bonus right away. From there, you can enjoy hundreds of top of the line pay by sms slots and other casino games, and start taking part in our amazing array of rewarding bonuses and promotions. So what're you waiting for, visit Fable Casino now to start enjoying a pay by phone casino no Boku, no Payforit required!

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