Animated Smartphone PaymentPay by phone casino payments provide online casino players with a simple, secure and easy payment method, and it comes as no surprise that this is one of the most popular online casino depositing methods.

However, in the classic UK brick and mortar casino, pay by phone casino payment methods haven’t caught on with quite the same speed.

This is in contrast to their overseas counterparts who appear to be embracing phone payment technologies more and more.

For example, in August of 2018, the Solaire Resort and Casino in Manila came to an agreement with the Asia United Bank. The AUB PayMate app allows merchants to accept payments transacted through the Chinese electronic payment services, Alipay and WeChat Pay. This means that patrons of Solitaire can use these phone payment techonolgies for any purchase at the resort.

Will UK brick and mortar casinos take note of such moves and implement similar ones? Do they even offer any form of phone payment service to their customers?

In this post we will explore:

  • Why online casinos offer pay by phone casino as a payment method
  • Whether pay by phone casino payment methods are available at UK brick and mortar casinos
  • Our prediction for the future of mobile payments at physical UK casinos

Pay By Phone Casino UK – Why Do Casinos Offer This Depositing Method?

Online gambling is a huge force which, in reality, is dominating the whole gambling sphere. Brick and mortar casinos welcome far fewer gamblers through their doors in comparison to their online counterparts.

The power of online gambling is unquestionable, and there appears to be no turning back from this. The switch to online gambling over brick and mortar casinos mirrors the trends happening throughout shopping and retail, as customers opt to shop online rather than the high street.

Pay By Phone Green TilesIn the early days, online casinos quickly cottoned on to the value of offering a phone payment method for depositing.

The pay by phone casino payment method could offer players an enticing option of simpler and depositing when compared to the standard options such as card and debit payments. And happy customers mean one thing; more business.

The pay by phone casino method proved to be a huge success and it remains one of the most popular depositing methods at online casinos to this day.

Boku is the most popular pay by phone casino method, utilised by a huge number of online casinos. Pay by phone is another very popular pay by phone transaction service.

Do Brick And Mortar Casinos Offer A Pay By Phone Method?

Brick and mortar casinos have not embraced pay by phone payment methods with quite the same enthusiasm.

Considering the popularity of mobile depositing, one would think that brick and mortar casinos would deploy some kind of phone payment method into their arsenal. However, the evidence is that pay by phone payment methods are being largely ignored by the brick and mortar casino bosses in the UK.

We cannot help but think that the physical casinos are missing a trick here. Phone payments are becoming increasingly popular in the commercial world, with technologies such as Google Pay, Apple Pay and PayPal enabling effortless transactions.

Ultimately, phone payment possibilities could result in a significant increase in brick and mortar casino revenue. The bottom line is that these services afford simplicity, security and quickness which is exactly what the modern-day gambler seeks when depositing.

Surely, the consequence of this would be happier customers and a higher likelihood of more depositing from them.

Will More Brick And Mortar Casinos Offer Pay By Phone Methods In The Future?

Casino FloorIn our opinion, if brick and mortar casinos are to compete with their online competitors, they simply must start offering mobile payment methods.

We suspect that UK land-based casinos will start to offer mobile payment methods in the coming years. The use of such services is growing throughout the commercial world and if brick and mortar casinos don’t take note and act accordingly, their businesses are going to suffer.

The Hippodrome & Neteller

The Hippodrome in London is one land-based casino, which is utilising phone payment technology. You won’t be able to use specialist pay by phone services such as Boku or Paybyphone, but you can use Neteller via your phone to deposit at the casino.

Neteller is an electronic payment system which links to a bank account or credit card. Neteller allows for instant transactions and is embedded with the tightest security. On their website, Hippodrome state that you can use Neteller at the cashier desk in the casino.

The Unique Selling Point Of Brick And Mortar Casinos

Hippodrome Casino GamblersLand-based casinos do offer something which online casinos can never truly replicate and that is the atmosphere of the physical casino. The buzz of the land-based casino; the noise, the lights and glitz of it all it is something quite unique. If brick and mortar casinos can merge this with modern technologies and approaches such as pay by phone payment methods, their fortunes are likely to be far more prosperous.

In our opinion, brick and mortar casinos needs to modernise and offering a pay by phone depositing method is one way of doing that. There are stories of phone payment technolgies being utilised by more and more land-based casinos overseas and UK establishments ought to follow suit.

What do you think? Should land-based casinos utilise these technologies or not? Would you be more likely to play at a physical casino if they offered such services? Do you have any stories of frustrating depositing? Comment below if there is anything you would like to share.

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