Uruguay World Cup 2018 odds are better than you might imagine. If you aren’t a huge fan who reads all the related articles and listens to opinions of professionals, you might not hear the name of this country often at all.

The truth is, it deserves some more attention, even if it doesn’t have players as famous or promising as Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo, Kane or Salah. Not that their team has no talent, though. Uruguay is full of capable players who greatly boost the odds on Uruguay winning World Cup 2018.

Uruguay squad & Uruguay starting eleven

It’s just that the press is usually more interested in repeating the same names over and over again. But here we will take a deeper look at the previous World Cup champions. Yes, Uruguay has won the trophy — twice.

Uruguay World Cup 2018 Odds

Of course, having a successful history doesn’t make odds Uruguay World Cup 2018 any higher. That’s especially true since the last time that happened was almost 70 years ago.

However, Uruguay is still a great team today, even if it isn’t as great as it’s been back then. Or maybe it’s the other teams that have surpassed the first ever World Cup champions?

Today, Uruguay is in the top 20 best teams of football in the world, making odds on Uruguay to win World Cup 2018 really high according to some people and a few sports betting sites.

Can Uruguay Win World Cup 2018?

Let’s take a look at specific odds in greater detail. For example, the Uruguay to win World Cup 2018 odds on outright bets are between 25/1 to 40/1 at some sites, which is very high for such a bet.

While we wouldn’t advise placing such a relatively low paying bet in this case, it shows that Uruguay is actually considered to be among the best football teams today and one of the less mentioned favourites in the tournament.

Instead, you can look at the group matches as there you’ll have a much better chance of winning and the odds might not be as bad as the odds Uruguay win World Cup 2018.

One thing that could make it harder for Uruguay early on is Portugal and Spain, one of which will probably face Uruguay if it makes it to the group of 16. Despite that, odds on Uruguay winning 2018 World Cup are fairly high and odds on it reaching quarter-finals are around 15/8, which is a decent chance too.

World Cup 2018 Uruguay Fixtures

World Cup 2018 Uruguay fixtures are as follows. Since the team is in the group A, they will play the second tournament’s match against Egypt and finish the group stage sooner than most other teams, which is a slight advantage in the next stage.

Their first match will take place on 15th June, which is also the day when betting odds Uruguay to win World Cup 2018 will probably chance, so if you like the current offers at mobile gambling sites, start placing bets right now.

Uruguay is an underrated team that has already won the World Cup twice. They could be a sleeper team that silently advances which would make the odds for Uruguay to win World Cup 2018 quickly grow.