In today’s post, we will be discussing the Switzerland to win World Cup 2018 odds.

With the World Cup 2018 almost here, it’s time to choose who we’re going to be betting on throughout this enormous sporting event. You need to be prepared if you even intend to bet on any of these teams, so you don’t lose any money anywhere. Even if you’re a veteran bettor, it’s best you do your research thoroughly.

Switzerland squad & Switzerland starting eleven

If you want another team to support other than England, why not Switzerland? The odds may be fantastic, but it would certainly be a good team to bet on while you wait for the matches you’re waiting for to roll around. How? Well, there are multiple ways in which people can bet—it doesn’t strictly have to be about the team winning every match they play in.

However, Switzerland could make some serious progress from the predicted results of their performance in the World Cup. Totally possible. They might not reach the final but at least they could make some leeway, being a European team and all.

Either way, here is how best to make use of all the odds Switzerland World Cup 2018 winning World Cup 2018.

Switzerland at World Cup 2018 Qualifiers

Switzerland performed admirably in the World Cup 2018 qualifiers, managing to go onto the World Cup itself, which is no mean feat. They’re not the only European team to do this but we still find it a good thing they got through. With a lot of competition, however, Switzerland does have a lot to prove.

Here is a list of every European team that got in along with Switzerland:

  • Germany
  • Croatia
  • Sweden
  • Portugal
  • Poland
  • Serbia
  • England
  • Spain
  • Denmark
  • Iceland
  • France
  • Belgium

Pretty tight competition, especially considering you have contenders like France and Italy in there which makes the odds of Switzerland going far in the competition all the narrower. They’ll probably still get further than England but it’s doubtful considering who they will be up against in their first match.

Looking between the lines, however, Switzerland have done pretty well in previous matches across the board which had nothing to do with the World Cup. They have a fair chance of getting through into the next round but we doubt it. On the other hand, it’s not like you can’t bet on anything else to do with Switzerland.

TL; DR — Switzerland performed good in the qualifiers, but it seems doubtful they’ll go onto the next round.

Odds on Switzerland vs Brazil Match; World Cup 2018 Switzerland Fixtures

Switzerland’s first match will be against Brazil. That says it all really, doesn’t it? While Switzerland are far from the worst team playing in the World Cup, it’s doubtful this match (due to take place on 17th June) will result in a victory for them. Easy to say, this heavily counts against the odds for Switzerland to win World Cup 2018.

But that isn’t to say Switzerland are a bad team. Far from it! It’s just that everybody knows Brazilians live and breathe football which just what makes them so formidable. Anyone who goes up against them will have very little chance of winning. It would take a small miracle for Switzerland to do the same.

Here are the best odds of Switzerland winning against Brazil that we could find. It’s a bit grim, to tell you the truth:

  • Switzerland — 10%
  • Draw — 19%
  • Brazil — 71%

The best that Switzerland can pray for is a draw at this point. Brazil are simply just too good. Odds on Switzerland to win World Cup 2018 might as well be zero at this point. Still, ten per cent is better than zero per cent so they have a chance even if it’s an extremely slim one.

It would be naïve to think that the Swiss stand much chance but that doesn’t mean you should never bet on them at all. As a matter of fact, there’s plenty of chances to win money based on alternate bets rather them just outright winning against Brazil.

TL;DR —Brazil will likely beat Switzerland in their first match, damaging odds Switzerland win World Cup 2018.

Odds on Switzerland Winning 2018 World Cup

By now, you might have wised up to the fact that betting odds Switzerland to win World Cup 2018 aren’t the strongest. In fact, it’s quite shocking how low they are and we feel quite sorry for them, all because they have to face Brazil on the off.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at some common Switzerland World Cup 2018 odds for yourself:

  • Sky Bet — 100/1
  • Oddschecker — 100/1
  • Bwin — 100/1

So there you are! Switzerland World Cup 2018 odds aren’t looking up to being the best or the strongest. If you think that it’s a bit harsh then we have to ask you to reconsider your knowledge of football teams as Switzerland against Brazil will likely be a mass slaughter rather than a football match. Especially with those odds.

We’d still like to make it clear, though, that we have nothing against Switzerland or the Swiss, it’s just that odds on Switzerland winning 2018 World Cup are just so damn low. They’re so low, in fact, that many may question if it’s worth betting on them at all. But who knows? They might defy those odds and thrash Brazil.

TL;DR — Betting odds on Switzerland winning the World Cup are terribly low so be warned.

Other Possible Bets

Given the odds Switzerland World Cup 2018 are so low, the best way to bet for them that will work out in your favour would be to not bet on them winning a match. After all, not all the bets you make have to be focused on winners of a match or even of the entire competition. Everyone would lose all the time if that were the case.

For example, you could try betting on Switzerland scoring first in the Brazil match. Although this is also unlikely, it’s probably more likely than them winning the match overall. On the other hand, you could bet on the match needing to have a penalty or resulting a draw. A bit negative but that means we’ll also see a lot more money than betting on them winning.

Overall, betting on odds on Switzerland winning World Cup 2018 would be a waste of time. Unless they perform a miracle and somehow beat Brazil, it’s going to take a lot to even make them contenders against this kind of competition.