With the World Cup 2018 just weeks away, we can already feel the football fever hitting the nation! With pubs all over the country advertising big screens, pound shops selling St George’s flags and bookmakers offering new promotions and bonuses, it looks set to be a fantastic and exciting summer of sport.

If you want to maximise your enjoyment of the World Cup 2018 then chances are, as an online gambler, you’ve been looking into placing some football bets. The World Cup not only brings four weeks’ worth of exhilarating word class football, but it also brings hundreds of new betting markets and opportunities.

Spain squad & Spain starting eleven

To help you figure out which are the best World Cup 2018 wagers to place, in this series of posts we’ll be looking at the 32 competing teams in detail. One of these teams will be Spain, who are already looking like an early favourite to win the competition outright. Read on to find out all you need to know about the odds on Spain winning World Cup 2018, including when and where they will play, and who’re their hottest players to watch.

Spain World Cup 2018: Qualifying Rounds and World Cup Record

Spain have a great history in the World Cup in general and the World Cup 2018 will mark the fourteenth time that the country has participated in the international competition. Such a good record makes the odds on Spain to win World Cup 2018 all the more appealing, and their team this year is looking very strong too.

Spain have already sailed through their qualifying rounds, where they won nine out of the ten matches they played. This has set them in good stead for the group stages, yet it won’t come as a surprise for any fans of La Rojas.

Spain will be taking a very talented team to Russia, with forwards like Diego Costa and David Silva sure to rack up plenty of goals. Moreover, Spanish team members Gerard Pique and Jordi Alba are generally considered to be some of the world’s best defenders, which should help their group stage rivals at bay.

All this being said, Spain arguably failed to perform well in their last World Cup event. In 2014, Spain were the defending champions of the World Cup title, yet they failed to even advance out of the group stages. Whilst, given the strength of their current team, we don’t think this should impact the odds on Spain winning 2018 World Cup too much, it may impact what the bookmakers offer. Read on to learn all about the most popular, and profitable, odds Spain win World Cup 2018 bets.

Spain World Cup 2018 Odds and Predictions

As we mentioned earlier, the World Cup 2018 kicks off in just a few weeks and therefore bookmakers across the country are already offering plenty of odds Spain World Cup 2018 options. Backing the team in advance may give you the best chance of beating the bookies, so check out which wagers we recommend placing below.

Spain Odds to Advance Out of Group Stages

Spain start their World Cup 2018 journey in Group B, alongside Portugal, Morocco and Iran. These are the first Spanish matches you’ll be able to wager on, but the most popular bet here is to back Spain to advance from the group stages, as they’re the current favourites to do so.

Alongside Spain, Portugal are the other favourites to advance from this group, and that looks likely as they’ll be taking star striker Cristiano Ronaldo to Russia with them. Morocco have been deemed the least likely to advance, whilst Iran have already performed well in their qualifying rounds.

A strong performance, therefore, from either Portugal or Iran could definitely impact not only Spain’s odds to advance from the group stage, but also the odds Spain to win World Cup 2018.

Odds Spain to Win World Cup 2018

The betting odds Spain to win World Cup 2018 currently stand at around 5/1, which means puts them within the top three teams likely to win the World Cup 2018, along with Brazil and Germany.

Whilst 5/1 may already sound short to many gamblers wanting to back Spain to win World Cup 2018, the fact is that they’ll only be set to shorten if Spain do advance from the group stage. This means that if you’re confident in choosing Spain to win World Cup 2018, you should place your wagers now in order to beat the bookies.

World Cup 2018 Spain Fixtures
As we noted above, Spain will start off the World Cup in Group B, where they will play three matches against Portugal, Iran and Morocco. If chancing the odds for Spain to win World Cup 2018 is sounding appealing then you’ll probably want to know when and where they will be playing.

Here are all the current Belgium World Cup 2018 fixtures for the group stage of the competition:

Friday 15th June, 21:00 PM (Local Time)

Fisht Olympic Stadium, Sochi

Kazan Arena, Kazan

Monday 25th June, 20:00 PM (Local Time)

Kaliningrad Stadium, Kaliningrad