In today’s post, we’re going to talk about the odds on South Korea winning World Cup 2018.

For anyone who’s been stuck under a rock for the past year or so, you may not have noticed that the FIFA World Cup is almost upon us and we’re getting geared up to make all our bets on the likely winner of the tournament. If you haven’t already, we suggest you start to make plans to make your bets soon on which team you support (hint: it doesn’t have to be England).

South Korea squad & South Korea starting eleven

As it happens, South Korea could be a contender for the World Cup, if not one of the best Asian teams to compete in the entire tournament. If you’re a bit unsure about this, we’ve made a list of all the best odds we could find to do with South Korea winning the World Cup. We think they have a solid chance of getting through to the next round at the very least.

At the same time, there is a slight possibility that South Korea will take us by storm and reach the semi-finals or even the finals of the world cup. Then again, they might not. Let’s take a look at the odds South Korea World Cup 2018 is likely to happen.

Will South Korea Be Top Asian Team?

South Korea did quite well during the World Cup 2018 qualifiers, moving on into the World Cup itself among a couple other Asian countries. While Asian teams may not be known for their football prowess (honestly, it’s a mystery to us too!), South Korea could become top Asian team of the World Cup.

Here are all the other Asian teams who are playing alongside South Korea as well as their odds of coming out on top:

  • Japan: 7/4
  • Australia: 3
  • South Korea: 7/2
  • Iran: 4
  • Saudi Arabia: 11

We don’t know why Australia’s in the “Asia” category but there you go. Just like Eurovision, they just seem to be there. Anyway, it would appear Japan and South Korea are the top Asian teams to keep an eye on during the World Cup. That is, if Korea gets past the first match they have.

It’s nearly a certainty that they won’t win the World Cup at any rate. The competition of that category is just too much for them. While they have been strong contenders in competitions aside form this one, this is just a whole other kettle of fish.

TL; DR — South Korea have the potential to be one of the top Asian teams of the World Cup but it’s unlikely they’ll make it to the final.

Odds on South Korea vs Sweden Match

The first match South Korea will play in will be against Sweden on 18th June at 13:00 CET. They are both in Group F, meaning this will be a few days after the first round of matches has begun. This significantly contributes to the odds for South Korea to win World Cup 2018.

According to the research we made, South Korea to win world cup 2018 odds might be in for a small chance of winning, but the odds are more in Sweden’s favour You might even be better off betting on the draw outcome of the match. In some cases, taking the least desirable option is the best one:

Here are all the best odds of South Korea and Sweden playing off against each other in their first match:

  • South Korea — 11/10
  • Draw — 11/5
  • Sweden — 11/2

To sum up, Sweden have the upper hand here and are more likely to win based off their past performances in other matches before the World Cup, seriously denting South Korea’s chances of progressing further into the competition. Still, Sweden could have a bad day and perform horribly in their match against South Korea and that will be a bout of good luck for them and all the players betting on them.

TL;DR — South Korea aren’t likely to beat Sweden in their first match but it isn’t impossible. Odds South Korea win World Cup 2018 may change too. 

Odds on South Korea to Win 2018 World Cup; World Cup 2018 South Korea Fixtures

From all the data we’ve ascertained so far, South Korea to win the World Cup odds dictate that their chances aren’t all that strong. They might be a fair team to play against when you approach betting on them form different angles (like top Asian team) but as contenders for the cup, they’ve got virtually no chance at all.

If you don’t believe us, then take a look at the odds of South Korea World Cup 2018 odds with your own eyes:

  • Sky Bet — 250
  • Ladbrokes — 250
  • William Hill — 300

It would appear South Korea World Cup 2018 odds are quite miniscule compared to other teams in the tournament. Then again, things can change but it would take many changes for such a thing to be implemented. So, we’d advise you to save some money and not bet on odds South Korea win World Cup 2018.

We’d like to point out, however, just because odds on South Korea winning 2018 world cup are, that doesn’t mean we think that South Korea are a bad team or that their players are no good. It’s just stacked against so many good teams, the odds are against them and their chances of winning anything in the World Cup are remote.

TL;DR — Betting odds South Korea to win World Cup 2018 aren’t all that great and you shouldn’t rely on the idea that things could change.

Other Possible Bets

Apart from the top Asian team title, South Kore could help earn you money by putting down wagers on other kinds of bets separate from them winning the world cup. If you don’t like South Korea’s odds, and if you believe like us their chances at being best of their continent are fragile, there are others bets you can make:

  • First to score a goal
  • First to get a yellow card
  • Will there be an offside?
  • Best player

Overall, odds on South Korea to win world cup 2018 may not be the best but they certainly have a strong chance of being the top Asian team of the tournament. Be sure to follow their odds in the lead up to their first match so you know if you can place the right bet or not.