Senegal World Cup 2018 odds are difficult to predict but we know for sure that this team is far from the worst in this cup. Even if odds on Senegal winning World Cup 2018 aren’t high, they could be one of the eight teams in quarter-finals this year.

Judging from their previous performances or, rather, the only previous performance, they’re more than capable to do it too. The team participated in 2002 World Cup before and they ended up in the top eight back then as well. It was their debut appearance too!

Senegal squad & Senegal starting eleven

If you want to learn the odds on Senegal to win World Cup 2018 more precisely, though, keep reading and we’ll share everything we know about this team and all the predictions related to them.

Senegal World Cup 2018 Odds; World Cup 2018 Senegal Fixtures

To show the same amazing performance they did some years ago, Senegal will have to advance from their group first. Luckily, odds Senegal World Cup 2018 to advance that far are pretty good due to their position in the tournament table.

Senegal is in the group H which also accommodates:

  • Poland
  • Colombia
  • Japan

The two first teams are usually considered more capable than this African team, but the difference isn’t that great to be impossible to cover.

Besides, judging from the recent performance of this team, we wouldn’t be surprised if Senegal won at least two matches in their group. That’s because they have yet to lose a match in this year’s tournament.

Senegal won four out of six qualification matches last year and ended two of them in a draw. In other words, this was enough to boost Senegal to win World Cup 2018 odds to equal those of teams like Egypt, Nigeria and Sweden.

Senegal National Team 2018 World Cup

The same national team also managed to lose only two international matches these past two years. And they played a couple dozen too, so their loss rate is lower than 10%. It’s no wonder that odds Senegal win World Cup 2018 are so high.

True, the teams that Senegal was playing the most with are nowhere near the level of world’s most powerful teams participating in the tournament. However, as we said, Senegal still has enough experience to advance somewhat high this year.

But what of the actual odds on Senegal winning 2018 World Cup rather than just reaching quarter-finals or semi-finals? At that stage, they’d have to face the best football teams in the world.

So, unless they prove that they are one of these teams, their chances are very slim. We can definitely agree with sports betting sites on that. Speaking of which, below are the odds you may find as a sports gambler.

Odds Senegal Win World Cup 2018

As a mobile gambler, you’ll probably steer clear of placing outright bets on Senegal. However, some other bets may seem much better. Betting odds Senegal to win World Cup 2018 or to reach a certain stage are:

  • Outright bet: 150/1
  • To reach the finals: 80/1
  • To reach the semi-finals: 16/1
  • To reach the quarter-finals: 6/1

Odds for Senegal to win World Cup 2018 may be low, but they could certainly go far and eliminate some strong teams while at it, so don’t underestimate Senegal this year.