As the World Cup fever creeps up on us the atmosphere is brimming with football fanaticism. Well who can blame anyone for it? This is after all, one of the biggest betting events of the year. That’s right. The FIFA World Cup 2018 is not just meant to unite football fans all over the world. It is also a great opportunity for punters to bet on who will win. The most exciting phase of the World Cup are usually the group stage where betting markets are abuzz with predictions.

How Do The Group Stages Work?

If you are new to this concept, do not fear. The basics are pretty simple. In total, the world would watch on as 32 countries play for the World Cup. All in all, there are eight groups of four teams. Each team faces each other by succession of each match. The ranking of these teams are ascertained by the points each of them have. These points are based on group matches, goal difference and total number of goals. All this culminates in the finals where two teams battle it out to be the winner of the FIFA World Cup 2018.

Group Stage Betting for 2018 World Cup Qualifying Groups Europe

At just a glance, most sportsbook sites will have thousands of markets for you to bet on. Within the group stage, there are already an array of vast betting options for the taste of every punter or bookie or avid sports fans. Such options are:

  • Group Winner – bets based on which team wins
  • Group Qualifier – bets based on which team qualifies for the quarter-finals
  • To Finish Bottom – bets based on which teams are first and second runner-up
  • Match Bets within each group – bests based on win/draw/lose as well as goal outcomes of the match

Find out the full World Cup 2018 group stage schedule here.

World Cup 2018 Group Odds

For anyone itching to get to betting, there are a host of popular predictions that might take you along the right path. Some of these predictions are:

  • Group A just might be the easiest group with Uruguay being the one to bet on
  • Those seeking a challenge will find it with Group C in the match between Denmark and France.
  • Group D has Argentina and Iceland head to head. The key analysis points lie between Argentina’s poor performance in the qualifying rounds and Iceland’s stunner during Euro 2016. Nigeria that has defeated Argentina in the past is also expected to be a major competitive force.
  • Group E should have you keeping your eye on Brazil for wagering.
  • Group F will have punters divided between Mexico or Sweden.
  • Belgium and England are the expected victors of Group G.
  • Poland would be one to look out for when it comes to their turn in Group H.

Listed below are the various World Cup 2018 groups along with their respective betting odds. It would be wise to take note that these odds will be updated from time to time. So keep yourself updated as much as possible.

2018 Fifa World Cup Qualification – UEFA Group A

Group Team Odds by Bet365 Odds by Skybet Odds by Ladbrokes
Group A Uruguay 10/11 1 10/11
Russia 6/4 3/2 7/4
Egypt 11/2 5 4
Saudi Arabia 40 25 25

2018 Fifa World Cup Qualification – UEFA Group B

Group B Spain 1/2 1/2 8/15
Portugal 2 2 15/8
Morocco 16 14 16
Iran 33 18 20

2018 Fifa World Cup Qualification – UEFA Group C

Group C France 2/7 1/3 3/10
Denmark 9/2 4 9/2
Peru 10 9 9
Australia 20 16 16

2018 Fifa World Cup Qualification – UEFA Group D

Group D Argentina 8/13 8/13 4/7
Croatia 9/4 9/4 5/2
Nigeria 10 8 10
Iceland 12 10 10

2018 Fifa World Cup Qualification – UEFA Group E

Group E Brazil 2/7 2/7 1/4
Switzerland 6 11/2 13/2
Serbia 8 15/2 7
Costa Rica 18 16 20

2018 Fifa World Cup Qualification – UEFA Group F

Group F Germany 1/3 2/5 2/5
Mexico 5 5 5
Sweden 13/2 6 6
Korea Republic 16 12 12

2018 Fifa World Cup Qualification – UEFA Group G

Group G Belgium 5/6 4/5 4/5
England 6/5 11/10 5/4
Tunisia 14 18 14
Panama 40 33 28

2018 Fifa World Cup Qualification – UEFA Group H

Group H Colombia 5/4 11/8 11/8
Poland 7/4 2 7/4
Senegal 5 4 4
Japan 7 5 7

To get a hold of the full list of markets and their odds, get to clicking on your browser for a reveal on your favorite bookmaker’s site. Go on and sign up for an account, shop for the best deals and place your bets accordingly. Don’t forget to look out for free bets and good odds while you’re at it. Make the best of the World Cup 2018. After all, it is not every year you get the chance.