In today’s piece, we’re going to demonstrate how strong the odds are on Saudi Arabia winning the World Cup in 2018.

By now, you may have clocked onto the fact that there are some teams in the World Cup this year that would be much better to make a wager on that others. In case you’re still unsure who you want to support, however, we’re going to give you details on the odds on Saudi Arabia winning World Cup 2018.

Saudi Arabia squad & Saudia Arabia starting eleven

Part of Group A, Saudi Arabia will be one of the first teams to play in the tournament, against Russia on 14th June. Could they pass on into the next round or will they fall at the first hurdle? We can only make a guess based on the odds. Odds on Saudi Arabia to win the World Cup could change, after all.

It doesn’t seem like they would, given their history, but nothing’s impossible after all and it can be a bit of a slog analysing all those odds. So here are all the odds Saudi Arabia World Cup 2018 that you need to be aware of.

Saudi Arabia at World Cup 2018 Qualifiers

It needs to be said that Saudi Arabia did very well in their qualifying matches, otherwise they would not be here in the World Cup. That being said, compared to other teams in the World Cup, they’re not the greatest. But it would be unfair to say they have not done well.

Here are the other nations they had to play against to get where they are now:

  • South Korea
  • Syria
  • Iran
  • Japan

Thanks to the final rounds in the qualifiers, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Australia, South Korea and Iran are among those who will compete in the World Cup. It’s probably not the best idea to get your hopes up, however, as there are other continents with much stronger teams.

One look at their history tells us that Saudi have done very well to get where they are today however they are looking to face Russia in their first match and they are a formidable opponent. We advise to doublecheck your odds before making a bet on Saudi Arabia.

TL; DR — Saudi Arabia performed very well indeed in the qualifiers but they’re looking to fall over against Russia as they are such an excellent team.

Saudi Arabia vs Russia Match Odds

The first match Saudi will take part in will be on 14th June 2018 and since they’re up against the hosting nation of the World Cup, it’s going to be a tough one to watch. According to overwhelming odds from countless betting sites, Russia is the one to win and Saudi has little chance at all.

It’s a grim prospect but it would appear that Saudi Arabia simply isn’t a good enough team to even get past the first round. While we like to route for the underdog, it’ll be hard to watch Russia flatten Saudi.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the odds from! They are quite telling:

  • Russia — 10/29
  • Draw — 77/19
  • Saudi Arabia — 14/1

As you can clearly see, the overwhelming bet is on Russia to win, seeing as they have the better track record. So, it seems odds for Saudi Arabia to win World Cup 2018 are pretty low. Then again, miracles could happen, and Russia could have a bad day.

Betting on Saudi is certainly much more of a risky choice, which might be better to go for, as odds Saudi Arabia win World Cup 2018 means there will be a larger return. Be careful if you wish to go forward with this, though, as it could come with a lot of money lost if you’re wrong.

TL;DR — Saudi Arabia has little chance of progressing further into the World Cup but we don’t doubt that there could be a massive turnaround.  

Odds on Saudi Arabia Winning 2018 World Cup

Given the match against Russia will prove to be more than a loss for Saudi Arabia, we doubt very much that they will progress into the next round of the World Cup or even win it. Saudi Arabia World Cup odds are simply not in its favour.

If, for argument’s sake, they do get onto the next round, what is the likelihood of them winning the entire tournament? Let’s examine some odds we’ve found across the web:

  • SkyBet — 1000/1
  • CBS Sport — 1000/1
  • Matchbook —99
  • Bwin — 1000/1

Not very high, to put things mildly. Saudi has a very slim chance of getting through to the second round but even less of a chance of getting to the final. No disrespect to the team but Saudi Arabia to win World Cup 2018 odds don’t make for a sensible bet and might as well be non-existent at this point.

On the other hand, a sensible bet makes for lower returns. If you really have a gut feeling Saudi will beat Russia in their first match then you should definitely go for that bet, as long as you’re gambling responsibly. Many may call you reckless, though, so be warned.

TL;DR — Betting odds Saudi Arabia to win World Cup 2018 aren’t looking too good,  but there’s still a very slim chance!

Other Possible Bets; World Cup 2018 Saudi Arabia Fixtures

If, conversely, you want to bet on Saudi Arabia but know Saudi Arabia World Cup 2018 odds aren’t the best, there are a few alternative bets to make to so that you get your money’s worth.

  • Bet on the team dropping out of the first round. A bit of a negative bet to make but it’s certainly more likely than them beating Russia.
  • Bet on Saudi Arabia scoring first. They might not beat Russia but they could still make the first score of the game. Saudi Arabia World Cup 2018 odds make that seem likely.
  • Bet on a player getting injured. Again, bit of a negative but it’s still a possibility.
  • Bet on the possibility of an offside.
  • Bet that Saudi Arabia will get a penalty.

You get the picture. The trouble is, odds Saudi Arabia win World Cup 2018 have never been that high and don’t look to change any time soon.

In conclusion, betting on odds for Saudi Arabia to win the World Cup might not be the best option for us. Luckily, there are a few other ways you can bet to ensure you don’t waste your money.