In today’s post, we’re going to discuss the South American teams who qualified for the FIFA World Cup 2018 in addition to the odds of any of them winning.

As plenty of you keen bettors have probably realised, Brazil will be one of the top teams to win the FIFA World Cup taking place in Russia in less than a month’s time.

That does not mean that they will win and plenty of other South American teams qualified for the World Cup too. Which ones were they and what are each of their chances of winning over Brazil?

Here are every South American team who qualified for the World Cup 2018 and how likely they are to win.

World Cup Participants

Around half of the South American teams who played in the qualifiers got through to the World Cup and are due to compete in Russia. Here’s the entire list of teams:

  • BrazilThey will face Switzerland on 17th June 2018 as their first match.
  • Argentina — They will face Iceland on 16th June 2018 as their first match.
  • UruguayThey will face Egypt on 15th June 2018 as their first match.
  • ColombiaThey will face Japan on 19th June 2018 as their first match.
  • PeruThey will face Denmark on 16th June 2018 as their first match.

Every team has been ordered in how likely they will be in the final for the World Cup. Most likely is at the top while the least likely is at the bottom.

TL;DR — If you’re not feeling risky then putting all your money on Brazil might be a smart move.  

Which South American Teams Didn’t Make It?

In case you’re curious, there were a number of South American teams who didn’t get into the World Cup, much to their chagrin we’re sure. Here is the complete list:

  • Chile — They lost to Brazil 3-0.
  • Bolivia— They lost to Uruguay 4-2.
  • Paraguay — They lost to Venezuela 0-1.
  • Ecuador — They lost to Argentina 1-3.
  • Venezuela — They drew with Argentina and Uruguay.

While we have no doubt all these teams did their best to get into the World Cup, their efforts fell short and now they will have to watch from the side-lines.

TL;DR — These are all the losing teams for the qualifiers so placing bets on them in the World Cup 2018 would be a waste of time.

Where to Make Your Bets

Place any bets on the above qualifying teams at any online bookmakers you care to name. it’s easy to do and it’s easy to check your odds, too.

But if you’re a bit short on time, here’s the odds for all their first matches:

  • Brazil v Switzerland
    • Brazil — 71%
    • Draw — 19%
    • Switzerland — 10%
  • Argentina v Iceland
    • Argentina — 71%
    • Draw — 21%
    • Iceland — 8%
  • Uruguay v Egypt
    • Uruguay — 56%
    • Draw — 25%
    • Egypt — 19%
  • Colombia v Japan
    • Columbia — 56%
    • Draw — 28%
    • Japan — 18%
  • Peru v Denmark
    • Peru — 27%
    • Draw — 28%
    • Denmark — 45%

In conclusion then, the best bet you can make for South America is the one you know will stand a chance in the context of the match they’re playing in.

TL;DR — Make a safe bet by checking the odds first!