The FIFA World Cup 2018 hosted in Russia is just around the corner now, and we cannot wait for the games to get started. Teams from around the world come together in Russia to compete in the most prestigious football tournament in the world in the hopes of bringing hope the ultimate trophy.

Before teams could play in the World Cup, they would first have to qualify in a series of tournaments organized by six FIFA Confederations around the world. In this article, we will solely focus on the Confederation of African Football aspect, and will cover all the African teams and their odds of winning this year’s World Cup.

In the African qualifiers alone, a total of 54 teams have taken part. From the 54, a total of five teams have triumphed, and will be representing their countries in the upcoming FIFA World Cup in June.

Qualified African Teams In The World Cup 2018

The five African teams whom are now qualified to represent their respective countries in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia are as follows:

  • Group A Winners – Tunisia. Qualified on the 11th of November 2017
  • Group B Winners – Nigeria. Qualified on the 7th of October 2017
  • Group C Winners – Morocco. Qualified on the 11th of November 2017
  • Group D Winners – Senegal. Qualified on the 10th of November 2017
  • Group E Winners – Egypt. Qualified on the 8th of October 2017

In the qualifiers alone, a total of 127 games have been played with the first qualifying game played as long ago as 3 years ago (7th October 2015).

Unqualified African Teams

As mentioned previously, a total of 54 teams have competed in the qualifiers. Only five of them have qualified, leaving the remaining 49 in despair. To make matters worse, some teams have fallen short by a single point. That alone should be an illustration of how competitive all the teams were.

Here are the teams that were extremely close to qualifying:

  • Group A – DR Congo. 1 point behind Tunisia
  • Group B – Zambia. 5 points behind Nigeria
  • Group C – Ivory Coast. 4 points behind Morocco
  • Group D – Burkina Faso. 5 points behind Senegal
  • Group E – Uganda. 4 points behind Egypt

World Cup Games For The Qualified African Teams

Playing in the World Cup is nothing like playing in the qualifiers. The teams competing in the World Cup all have a successful history on top of having the best star players. That said, the following are all the upcoming matches for all of the qualified African teams:

  • Tunisia vs. England – 18th June 2018, 7.00PM UK time
  • Nigeria vs. Argentina – 26th of June, 7.00PM UK time
  • Morocco vs. Iran – 15th June, 4.00PM UK time
  • Senegal vs. Poland – 19th June 4.00PM
  • Egypt vs. Russia – 19th June 7.00PM

Betting Odds for African World Cup Matches

Knowing who the African teams will be playing is a good start. The more important aspect to research before making bets is to know the odds for all the teams on their matches. After all, numbers don’t lie!

The following are the odds for all the qualified African teams:

  • Tunisia vs. England
    • Tunisia – 17/2
    • Draw – 18/5
    • England – 4/11
  • Nigeria vs. Argentina
    • Nigeria – 11/2
    • Draw – 3
    • Argentina – ½
  • Morocco vs. Iran
    • Morocco – 5/4
    • Draw – 2
    • Iran – 5/2
  • Senegal vs. Poland
    • Senegal – 23/10
    • Draw – 11/5
    • Poland – 5/4
  • Egypt vs. Russia
    • Egypt – 16/5
    • Draw – 21/10
    • Russia – 1