The most important international football tournament — FIFA World Cup — is a huge celebration in the sports world. This celebration offers a lot of entertainment and not just in the form of football.

Another kind of entertainment you can enjoy during FIFA World Cup 2018 is betting. While enjoying the best football teams in the world face each other in the field, you can add some extra excitement to it by betting on your favourite teams and players.

However, to do this well and profitably, you should know a little about the participating teams and players. How likely are they to win? Are they in their best shape?

There are many ways to find this out. One of them is by looking back to the qualifiers to the tournament. By assessing the recent performance of these teams you will get a better idea of who is most likely to win.

So, we’re going to focus on the qualifiers a bit and help you decide whom to bet on, whatever market you’re planning to place that bet.

World Cup Qualifiers Groups

The World Cup qualifiers took place within six different confederations, five of which sent at least some of their teams to the tournament.

Each confederation had a different number of slots available for their teams in the World Cup and each one selected their best teams in different ways. Some involved only one round, others required six of them.

Not surprisingly, UEFA had the most slots and 13 countries from Europe qualified to the group stage of FIFA World Cup.

Some of the countries also had to play an elimination round against teams from other confederations to decide which one was going to qualify. Two teams qualified in such fashion:

  • Australia (eliminating Honduras)
  • Peru (eliminating New Zealand)

UEFA’s qualification was particularly interesting as eight teams had to play in similar elimination matches against other teams from Europe, which ended up as runners-up in their qualification groups. Four countries managed to qualify this way, including:

  • Switzerland (eliminating Northern Ireland)
  • Sweden (eliminating Italy, although they performed better than Sweden in the first round)
  • Denmark (eliminating Ireland)
  • Croatia (eliminating Greece)

World Cup Qualifiers Results

Some teams performed better than the others, even if that doesn’t show in the tables. After all, the World Cup groups were formed in a random fashion rather than based on qualification results.

The countries that haven’t lost a single time in the qualifier matches include:

There are also plenty of teams that have lost only once (though some of them have ended many matches in a tie rather than a win):

The teams above have won every or almost every single match they played during the qualifiers to FIFA World Cup 2018. This should prove a valuable fact when deciding which teams are better prepared for the tournament.