Portugal World Cup 2018 expectations are very high this year — to win the tournament and become champions of both Europe and the world. But do odds on Portugal winning World Cup 2018 meet their expectations?

While they aren’t the most likely winners in 2018 tournament, they can definitely win and this year is as good as any for that to happen.

In fact, it’s probably the last FIFA World Cup for Cristiano Ronaldo, their most celebrated player. Without him, odds on Portugal to win World Cup 2018 wouldn’t be as good as they are now.

Portugal squad & Portugal starting eleven

So, while the team has its current captain, they will do their best to go to the finals for the first time ever and win it.

Portugal World Cup Group 2018

Odds on Portugal winning 2018 World Cup are certainly not hindered by their position in the group. Group B does have Spain as well, but other than that, the remaining teams are no match for the current European champions.

So, there’s a very high chance that Portugal will advance to the next stage and should have a relatively easy time going even further. There is a reason why they are considered one of the five best football teams in the world today, after all.

Odds Portugal World Cup 2018 are also quite high due to exemplary performance of the team in World Cup qualifiers where they won nine out of 10 matches they played and scored eight times as many goals as they received.

Portugal World Cup Winners?

Aside from Portugal, other likely contenders for the trophy are Germany (the current champions), Brazil, Spain and Argentina. Most of these teams are above Portugal in the team ranking today and some of them have performed even better recently.

This brings Portugal to win World Cup 2018 odds a little lower, but they still have a fair chance. Most other teams are nowhere near Portugal in comparison.

As already mentioned, Ronaldo should help the team immensely. He already has helped by becoming the fourth top scorer in the qualifiers with 15 goals. That’s a result only three other players managed to surpass and by just one goal at that.

Like Messi, Neymar and some other players, Ronaldo is a weapon that can easily shift the odds for Portugal to win World Cup 2018.

Portugal Odds to Win World Cup; World Cup 2018 Portugal Fixtures

Looking at betting odds Portugal to win World Cup 2018 online and on mobile, some sites give a pretty good chance of this team winning, and a good chance for fans to benefit from that.

25/1 odds are frequent, but you can find ever higher ones too. This means that if you placed an outright bet on Portugal, you’d get 25x your bet as winnings. In comparison, the highest odds are given to Germany and Brazil, and you’d get around 5x your bet back.

The current team of Portugal also has some useful experience participating in events and championships of such a scale. The same applies to the coach Fernando Santos too, which also increases odds Portugal win World Cup 2018.

Portugal world cup 2018 odds are among the highest this year and they are ready to win the World Cup trophy while still having the European Cup champions title in their possession.