With the World Cup 2018 just weeks away, in this series of articles we’re taking a closer look at the teams which will be competing. In total, 32 teams will travel to Russia this summer and each will have their sights firmly set on lifting the trophy at the final, which will be played on the 15th July.

Of the 32 teams, there are some which no doubt stick in some football fans minds as favourites to win, and some which may seem like the underdogs. Of course, the fact that the World Cup winner title is up for grabs by anyone, is what makes the competition the perfect opportunity for sports betting punters to get involved.

Poland squad & Poland starting eleven

In this article, we’ll be looking at the odds on Poland winning World Cup 2018, so that you can decide if they’re a good team to back. What’s more, we’ll be looking at their recent performances and World Cup history, as well as their odds of advancing out of the all-important group stages. By doing this, we hope to give you an in-depth analysis of the team, and help to inform any wagers you may want to place on Poland this World Cup.

Poland World Cup 2018: Qualifying Rounds and World Cup Record

In order to fully understand the Poland to win World Cup 2018 odds, we must take into consideration how their World Cup 2018 journey has played out already, and how they perform in international tournaments in general.

Poland had a very successful qualifying campaign, which saw them win eight out of ten of their matches. This means they progressed straight through to the final group stages, beating Denmark, Montenegro, Romania, Armenia and Kazakhstan.

What’s more, Poland have a formidable international record. Whilst they failed to qualify for the past two World Cup tournaments (in 2010 and 2014), they did manage to make it all the way to the quarter finals in the 2016 UEFA Euros. This currently stands as their most recent international performance, and it’s probably why the odds on Poland winning 2018 World Cup are looking so good at the moment.

Poland’s place as a favourite to lift the trophy in Russia may come as a surprise to some football fans, who only follow the UK leagues. This is because most of Poland’s best players actually play in European clubs, such as their top goal scorer Robert Lewandowski. For UK sports betters this is quite lucky, as it means that placing a wager on Poland to win World Cup 2018 isn’t such a popular bet, and the odds will reflect this.

Poland World Cup 2018 Odds and Predictions

The World Cup 2018 will begin on the 14th June, yet a number of UK bookmakers are already offering plenty of odds Poland World Cup 2018 betting options. If you want to get ahead of the crowd, then take a look at some of the most popular Poland World Cup 2018 odds and bets below.

Poland Odds to Advance Out of Group Stages

Poland begin the World Cup 2018 in Group H, where they will compete against Colombia, Japan and Senegal. These will be the first Poland World Cup 2018 matches you’ll be able to place a wager on, but the group stages also provide the opportunity to place a bet on Poland to be the Group H winners.

Poland are expected to survive Group H, yet the group has been deemed quite close. Colombia are the overall favourites to advance, yet neither Japan nor Senegal should be underestimated. Both teams are travelling to Russia with new talent, such as the likes of Sadio Mané and Keita Baldé for Senegal and new manager Akira Nishino for Japan.

The fact that this group is being considered to be a tough group not only affects the odds on Poland to advance from the group stages, but also impacts the odds Poland to win World Cup 2018 too. It’s very close to call at the moment, but we do think backing Poland in this stage has some definite value.

Odds Poland to Win World Cup 2018

Currently, the betting odds Poland to win World Cup 2018 stand at around 40/1. These may seem much longer than you expected, especially given the fact that we think Poland are almost certainly going to advance out of the group stages.

The reason for the long odds for Poland to win world cup 2018 is simply due to the fact that the tournament is still a few weeks away. As the group stages begin, the odds will shorten, provided Poland perform well. What’s more, if Poland do advance, then their odds will shorten even further. This means that if you have faith in Poland this World Cup, then now is the perfect time to place a wager.

World Cup 2018 Poland FixtureS

As we’ve just mentioned, Poland will begin the World Cup in Group H. In this group stage they will play three matches, against Colombia, Japan and Senegal.

If you’re interested in placing an odds Poland win World Cup 2018 wager, then knowing exactly when and where the team will be playing is important, as it means you can track their success (or failures) as the competition progresses.

Here are all the current Poland World Cup 2018 fixtures for the group stage of the competition:

  • Poland vs SenegalTuesday 18th June, 18:00 PM (Local Time), Orkrytie Arena, Moscow
  • Poland vs ColombiaSunday 24th June, 21:00 PM (Local Time), Kazan Arena, Kazan
  • Poland vs JapanThursday 28th June, 17:00 PM (Local Time), Volgograd Areana, Volgograd