Timo Werner is a new talent from Germany and one of the youngest current players in Germany’s national football team.

Although he has only played nine matches for Germany (excluding the youth teams) and scored seven goals while at it, he is one of the best players that Germany can expect to lead the team to victory for the second time in a row.

Werner is only 22 years old and it’s going to be his first ever World Cup tournament this summer. However, the footballer has been prepared for that and is already considered to be a huge success.

Various sports betting sites even offer placing bets on this player in top scorer markets, and many of those odds aren’t that low either. Of course, it’s not without a reason that this is so — Werner has proven more than once that he will be able to play in place of Muller and Podolski in the years to come.

Timo Werner World Cup 2018 Odds

Timo Werner odds World Cup are difficult to predict but we know for a fact that this player has what it takes to truly shine on such a tournament. Scoring a goal almost every time he plays, Werner is just what Germany needs in order to defend their champions title this year.

It is thanks to Werner and new talented players similar to him that Germany managed to win all 10 matches they played in the qualification on the road towards the World Cup 2018.

It would only make sense if he was chosen to be in the squad as a substitute on the bench if not in the starting squad.

Werner Top Scorer Odds World Cup

Timo Werner top scorer odds World Cup are among the highest, so people who place bets on sports are really likely to win if they bet on Werner. Of course, that also means that in case of victory, their winnings won’t be very big.

On the other hand, you still need your bet to be correct to win at all and Werner can really become the top scorer this year, especially if Germany goes far (which we believe will happen) and Werner gets enough chances to score more goals than the others.

The odds offered here are roughly 16/1, which means pretty good winnings as the odds are among the best. For comparison, the same odds are offered to the footballers such as:

  • Thomas Muller
  • Harry Kane
  • Romelu Lukaku

Germany Team World Cup 2018

On the other hand, Werner World Cup odds as a top scorer is slightly lower due to the fact that Germany has many potential attackers who can play in place of him.

Since their main goal is to defend their title, it would make sense if they used as many different players as possible, keeping everyone in shape and not too exhausted to continue on.

That’s one of the reasons why Thomas Muller, Timo Werner, Lars Stindl, Mario Gomez and even more German players are considered as possible top scorers. It’s likely that they all will score quite a bit, but not necessarily more than all other players.

Timo Werner is a new and talented footballer in Germany who is likely to be the most scoring player in the team and likely the top scorer in the whole tournament.