At this point in time, the online world is brimming with news about one Sergio Ramos. It goes without saying that this football player has become a household name. A Spaniard by origin, Ramos garnered worldwide fame for his stint as one of the most capped players in the world with an all-time record of 167. He is considered, after all, as Spain’s second most capped player.

His career started off with Sevilla’s youth academy in his earlier years in the football world. By 2005, Ramos was well on his way playing for Madrid. The team’s performance has been, in part, due to Ramos’ tenacity and talent for the game.

Since then, Ramos has been part of the Spanish team. He partook in the team winning two European Championships and one World Cup between the years 2008 to 2012. With Madrid, he has been essential to the team attaining 18 major honours. He is also the captain of La Roja.

In terms of his accolades, Ramos certainly has a lot to brag about. He has four La Liga titles and three Champion League titles. His pivotal achievement on the field, as most football fans would say, was his scoring the equalizer in the 93rd minute in the 2013-2014 final. As a team player, Ramos has also gone on to win the FIFA World Cup in 2010 and two UEFA Euros in 2008 and 2012 respectively.

With the FIFA World Cup 2018 approaching, Ramos’ is under major scrutiny. Sportsbooks are offering opportunities to wager on him being the top goalscorer of the World Cup. Given his impressive track record and stunning performance, he could be the artillery of the Spanish team.

This article offers insight on just how good his odds may be.

Sergio Ramos Top Scorer Odds World Cup

Sergio Ramos has rose to fame as an excellent central defender. Even so, he has a knack for scoring goals that are nail-bitingly close to the final minutes of the game. According to one top sportsbook, Ramos’ odds for being top goalscorer are as follows:

  • William Hill: 500

As of now, William Hill is the only major sportsbook for you to wager on Sergio Ramos for this category. This is probably because Ramos does not come off as a striker in general. This is despite the fact that he has shown perfect capabilities in scoring goals.

In general, his odds for scoring the most goals in the World Cup this year are not overwhelmingly high. But if you have a good appetite for risk, we say go ahead! Plus, there is an array of odds for you to invest in when it comes to Ramos.

Other Sergio Ramos’ Odds World Cup and Bets

As mentioned earlier, Ramos is not only up for the odds as top goalscorer. Some of the other awards as suggested by SkyBet, is the World Cup Golden Ball Award. Ramos has a favorable odds of 80 which is a great start. He may also win the Player of the Tournament Award for which he has pretty stellar odds which are as follows:

  • Bet365: 40
  • Blacktype: 28
  • Betstars and BetVictor :66


From where we are standing, it would seem that the odds are rather healthy for Sergio Ramos, this time around as he battles it out with Spain in Russia. The FIFA World Cup 2018 is bound to be a thrilling affair for the masses of football fans across the world.

Keep yourself updated on the odds and opportunities by different sportsbooks as they tend to be updated from time to time. Who knows? Thanks to Ramos, you may just be laughing all the way to the bank.