All eyes are going to be on Poland as they serve stiff competition in the FIFA World Cup 2018. One of the football stars to watch this time is none other than Robert Lewandowski. This record-breaker stunned football audiences yet again this year, in the World Cup qualifiers in Russia.

The expectations of Lewandowski are at an all-time high given that he is now leading the Polish team as captain. To date, Lewandowski has been doing an excellent job. Having earned 90 caps and scoring 52 international goals, he may just lead Poland towards victory.

He scored 16 goals within the qualifiers itself making him a formidable game-changer on the field. He has even smashed Cristiano Ronaldo’s European record. Given his amazing track record, it is possible that Poland goes far in the 2018 World Cup.

Robert Lewandowski’s Profile and His 2018 World Cup Journey

To recap on Lewandowski’s high-profile achievements, in the international football arena, he led Poland to victory against Gibraltar in the UEFA Euro qualifier. He brought the team to a 7-0 victory and also scored against Georgia in 2017. The impressive feat saw him scoring three goals in just under four minutes.

Lewandowski is one full of tricks up his sleeve. Just when you think he has nothing left, he pulls out one after another and stuns the crowd. He also has a knack for scoring goals at the most pivotal moments in games. In Warsaw, Poland won the qualifying game after only picking up at the 85th minute. This was orchestrated single-handedly by Lewandowski.

Not forgetting, Lewandowski also pulled out another trick when Poland was playing against Armenia. On the 5th of October, Poland beat the Armenian team with a score of 6-1. At that point, Lewandowski had scored his 50th goal.

Robert Lewandowski Top Scorer Odds World Cup

When it comes to scoring goals whether rain or shine, Lewandowski has proven that he goes above and beyond. His capacity has got him noted as one of the top 20 goal scorers on a majority of sites. As of today, the sporting odds are at 33.

If you are new to this, you must be aware that the Lewandowski odds World Cup are subject to change. As more and more bets are placed, and games are played, the odds may experience a shift. It is always prudent to keep a close eye on the latest odds before placing your bet.

However, if you have full faith in Lewandowski’s competency you may just want to go ahead with placing your bets soon. This is because as time goes on, the bets are going to become more expensive. The price is going to hike up even more once Lewandowski’s prowess on the field starts showing and goals are scored.

Robert Lewandowski World Cup Odds

In the group stages, as we watch Poland, their performance is going to be a key indicator of how they progress. In Group H alone, Poland is going to be up against Senegal, Colombia and Japan for the initial few matches.

It is expected that Poland’s capability along with Lewandowski’s ability are going to be challenged in the match against Colombia. However, when it comes to Senegal and Japan, they should be able to wrest victory fairly easily. If Poland is to beat Colombia, we will be looking at a major victory for the team. Should they defeat Colombia, Lewandowski and his team are going to be unrelenting.