In today’s post, we shall be talking about one of the least talked-about awards in the FIFA World Cup and who is likely to win it for 2018.

Despite what you may or may not think, there are quite a few awards given to participants in the FIFA World Cup, so many in fact that many may call them ‘participation trophies’ but that would be patronising and snide.

One award category that is always overlooked, to the point where it may or may not even show up in the tournament at all is the Most Entertaining Team award. It may sound a bit tongue-in-cheek when you say it out loud (and it is!) but it’s still a pretty fun award to talk about.

It hasn’t shown up for a while, either, and we hope one team is entertaining enough to justify its appearance in 2018. Here are some odds for you.

The Most Entertaining Team Award Numbers

Due to the inconsistency on the appearance of this award during any World Cup, betting sites don’t often promote the odds on who will be the winner.

Also, it’s up to the public to vote on it, meaning that more objective odds would be almost pointless. It would be purely based on luck if that were the case and sort of biased.

On the other hand, we can give you a list of who we believe will be the potential winders of the Most Entertaining Team award:

So, if you want to make a bet on this particular award, you’d be better off going on one of these teams as they are either most likely to win, most likely to play well, or most likely to lose, or most likely to give an appalling and hilarious performance.

Then again, the winner of the most entertaining team award could be none of the above teams. This is how awkward it is to bet on.

TL;DR — Most Entertaining Teams are inconsistent at best and are probably wiser not to bet on.

What Other Awards Can I Bet On?

When it comes to the FIFA World Cup, there are plenty of other awards and winners you could bet on, aside from the outright winner of the tournament.

Here are the other aspects you can bet on during the World Cup 2018:

  • All Star Team
  • Teams to Reach Final
  • Winning Group
  • Top Goal Scorer
  • Top Goalkeeper
  • Best of Continent

As you can see, there are plenty other, more sensible bets to wager money do exist and you should pursue them if you want to see any kind of return.

However, at the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide who you want to bet on. Personally, however, we think you’d be better off gambling on other ventures.

TL;DR — There are plenty of avenues to explore when it comes to betting on the World Cup. You shouldn’t just choose the most entertaining team.