One of the best things about the World Cup is the sheer amount of high quality footballing we get to watch! The competition, which is to be held in just a few weeks’ time in Russia, brings together all the best footballers in the world, which means we’re sure to see some impressive performances.

Although every team travelling to the World Cup 2018 will have their eyes firmly fixed on lifting the trophy, for some footballers the World Cup presents them with the opportunity to win some career defining prizes too. The Golden Ball, prize, for example is awarded to the best player of the tournament, whilst the Golden Boot prize will go to whichever player has racked up the most goals.

Whilst all of the other World Cup 2018 prizes will be decided by a panel of experts and media representatives, there is one prize which is voted for by the general public and that is the Man of the Match award. Handed out after every single match, this award will go whichever player viewers think has performed outstandingly well within the 90 minutes of play.

How to Vote for Man of the Match in the World Cup 2018

The Man of the Match award was created in 2002, yet for both the 2002 and 2006 World Cup competitions the winner was decided by a technical group appointed by FIFA. In 2010 that all changed, however, as FIFA opened up the voting to the general public. This makes the Man of the Match award arguably more exciting than the other World Cup prizes, as it’s the only one you have a say in!

Voting for your Man of the Match couldn’t be easier, as it’s decided by whichever player gets the most votes in an online poll. In the World Cup 2018, therefore, you can vote for your Man of the Match via the FIFA website, via Twitter, or via the FIFA app.

In the World Cup 2018, there will be one Man of the Match award for every game played, and the poll for each match will open up as soon as the first half ends. You then, therefore, have until full time to vote for your winner, and you can even alter your choice if you feel like someone else deserves it.

World Cup 2018 Man of the Match Odds

As you may already know if you’ve read any of our other World Cup 2018 articles, one of the main reasons we’re taking so much interest in the international competition is because it presents sports bettors with hundreds of new odds and markets.

With the first match of the World Cup 2018 still over two weeks away, there aren’t any Man of the Match odds to place a wager on at the moment. Furthermore, now that the vote is open to the general public, we’re not sure these odds will be offered at all. This is because it would be too easy to manipulate a vote.

Here are some alternative betting markets to Man of the Match: