In just under a month’s time, the World Cup 2018 will have begun, and 32 different teams will be competing to be crowned the best footballing nation in the world. Whilst the World Cup can bring joy and tears, it also brings with it hundreds of new sports betting opportunities for keen online gamblers like yourselves.

Even ahead of the start of the event, many UK bookmakers are already offering lucrative odds in a wide range of World Cup markets, including which player will be named top goal scorer of the competition. This means that you can place a wager now on who you think is likely to pick up the Golden Boot prize, but who should you be backing?

In this series of posts we’re looking at some of the most prolific footballers who will make an appearance in the World Cup 2018, and what their odds are of becoming top scorer. In this article in particular, we’ll be discussing Luka Modrić; a Croatian midfielder with a terrific international record. Read on to find out more about the Luka Modrić World Cup odds, and how he has been performing this year so far.

Who Is Luka Modrić?

Luka Modrić, as we just mentioned, is a Croatian international midfielder. Modrić also plays for Real Madrid at league level, and has been instrumental in his club’s success this season.

Modrić became a player to watch after joining Tottenham Hotspurs in 2008, and helping the team make their first Champions League appearance in almost 50 years. Since his move to Read Madrid in 2012 he has racked up a plethora of other awards, including the UEFA Club Football Award for ‘Best Midfielder’ in 2017, and the La Liga award for ‘Best Midfielder’ in 2016.

Luka Modrić
Age 32
Position Midfielder
International Club Croatia
League Club Real Madrid
No. of Appearances for International Club 104
No. of Goals Scored for International Club 12
Goals Scored in World Cup 2018 Qualifying Rounds 0

As you can see from the figures above, Luka Modrić has made 104 international appearances, which makes him no stranger to the pressure of international competitions. In fact, Modrić has participated in every major tournament that his country has qualified for, since his debut for Croatia in 2006, including the 2006 and 2014 World Cups.

Luka Modrić Odds World Cup 2018

If Luka Modrić’s impressive international record has you considering whether or not he would be a good player to back this world cup, then luckily for you we’ve rounded up all the best Luka Modrić betting options below.

Belgium World Cup Odds 2018

Before we can consider the Luka Modrić World Cup odds for 2018, we must first take a brief look at how his team, Croatia, will perform too.

Croatia are generally considered to be a very skilled and strong team, yet in this year’s tournament they will face some tough competition within the group stages. Croatia belong to Group D, which also includes Argentina, Iceland and Nigeria and has been labelled ‘the group of death’. This is because all four teams are very competent and all stand a good chance of advancing.

Argentina are this group’s favourite to advance into the round of 16, but it’s also looking very likely that Croatia will progress with them. If this turns out to be the case, then Luka Modrić will have a good chance of racking up some more international appearances and so there’s certainly some value in backing him this World Cup.

Luka Modrić Top Scorer Odds World Cup

At the moment, there are no UK bookmakers offering odds on Luka Modrić to be the top goal scorer of the World Cup 2018. This is mainly because Modrić Is a midfielder, and therefore he will not be offered as many chances to score for his country.

Moreover, the Croatian international team actually boasts several other excellent strikers who have more of a chance at winning the Golden Boot prize. Players such as Mario Mandzukic and Ivan Perisic are much more likely to be contenders for the World Cup 2018 top goal scorer award, and therefore if you want to back a Croatian player this World Cup, we’d suggest choosing one of these over Modrić.

Whilst you may not be able to back Modrić to be top goal scorer of the whole competition, you can place a wager on him to be the top scorer for Croatia. That being said, his current odds in this market stand at around 10/1, which are very long considering that the squad will only be made up of 23 players.