Harry Kane World Cup 2018 is a player of England national team. Being one of the best players in the squad, he will undoubtedly play in the main formation at least for the majority of matches.

Kane has been in his national football team since 2015, though his career as a player for England started with the national team under 19 where he debuted in 2011, being only 17 years old at the time.

He’s also playing for Tottenham Hotspur football club since 2011. Both internationally and in the local league, Harry Kane is an attacker and one of the most important players of the teams.

It comes as no surprise, then, that this young and experienced player is looked upon when people talk about England in the World Cup 2018 and their chances this year.

Harry Kane — England’s Best Attacker 2018

Although England has won the World Cup once, it’s been a long time since they even played in the semi-finals. Now that they have Kane World Cup odds for England are fairly good or, at least, certainly not worse than during the times of Rooney, Owen, Lampard and other iconic England’s players.

Today, Harry Kane is the best attacker England has, although Danny Welbeck isn’t far behind. Still, Kane has pretty decent statistics when it comes to the previous international matches for England.

This fresh player has participated in almost 50 matches as part of the England team (including the youth teams) and scored a goal on roughly every other match. His gameplay is clean and spectacular to look at as well.

All these reasons make him a very valuable attacker and team member too. It’s no wonder that England has some pretty decent odds to win this year as a result, with 16/1 odds at sports betting sites, indicating that England should at least make it to the quarter-finals this year.

Harry Kane World Cup 2018 Odds

Harry Kane odds World Cup are fairly high as well. During the qualification, he played in six matches and scored five goals, becoming the top scorer for his group in UEFA qualification.

It’s true that the upcoming matches will be much more difficult as the opposing teams get better and better the closer to the finals a team advances. However, England has proven more than once now that they can go really far.

Harry Kane Top Scorer Odds Online

What everyone is interested in the most is not just how it will go down for England and Harry Kane this year. It’s Kane top scorer odds World Cup instead, now that this new player has proven to be able to score quite easily against other national teams.

Kane will be debuting in the World Cup this summer, but judging from his career in Premier League so far, this shouldn’t be a huge problem for the player.

Considering all this, it isn’t surprising that the top goalscorer odds for Kane are 16/1 — equal to those of England winning the cup and higher than most other odds given to other players.

Harry Kane is the best attacker in England national team and one of the most likely top scorers in the World Cup 2018.