FIFA Fair Play trophy is a prize that’s completely unique to the World Cup championships. Not to be confused with Fair Play Award, this trophy is given to one team as a whole after every World Cup ever since 1970.

This is basically a way to acknowledge a team that has played the fairest game throughout that year’s tournament. The game of each team is evaluated on the basis of many different factors, though cards and fouls are obviously an important factor and the one that’s the easiest to understand.

What matters the most is that you can bet on the team to win this trophy at some gambling sites online which offer World Cup odds. That’s what we’ll take a deeper look at just below, so stick with us if you’re interested.

FIFA Fair Play Trophy Today

Today, the trophy is given for pretty much the same reasons as the ones intended back in 1970 when the first one was handed to Peru. Although it was a certificate back then instead of a trophy.

There are several additional rules as to who can win it and that rule is that only the second round teams count. In other words, countries that are eliminated before the knockout round are out of question, so the jury has only to choose from 16 teams today.

The award isn’t just symbolic either, despite the obvious significance that has little to do with the actual rules and the end result of FIFA World Cup.

The winning team is given a set amount of money to invest in the development of youth footballers by supporting them with sports equipment.

Fair Play Trophy Odds and Bets

Let’s take a look at the betting odds offered by online sites which accept sports bets for World Cup 2018.

Here are the odds as seen at one such site, starting with the teams that are most likely to win this trophy, according to the sports experts behind that gambling site:

Not all the countries are included, but the 250/1 odds are among the lowest ones. Anyway, judging the abilities of these teams and their players, as well as the trophy winners in the past, we agree that the odds are most or less in the right order right there.

Who Will Play The Fairest?

It’s no wonder why Brazil is given the greatest odds. It’s the team that has already won this award four times, while no other team has done that. It doesn’t mean that Brazil plays flawlessly though, it only means that back in those tournaments, other countries played a less fair game.

Aside from Brazil, here are other teams that have won before:

  • Spain (2006,2010)
  • England (1990, 1998)
  • Peru (1970)
  • Germany (1974)
  • Argentina (1978)
  • France (1998)
  • Belgium (2002)
  • Colombia (2014)

Fair Play trophy is an honour that all teams would like to get, but it could mean even more to you if you decided to gamble on the winner of this year’s trophy at World Cup 2018.