In today’s piece, we’re going to discuss Edinson Cavani and all the chances he has of being the best goal scorer of the World Cup 2018.

Due to take place in Russia within a few weeks, the World Cup is a massive sporting event that has inspired many sports betting sites to put bets on all its participants. In case you haven’t planned out your bets, you might need to start thinking about that.

The focus of today’s top goal scorers is none other than the Uruguayan striker, Edinson Cavani. He is due to play for Uruguay through the World Cup and you may have already guessed that he is a pretty solid player who you can rely on to give you some returns. Even if you’re not the biggest footie fan, you may have heard about Cavani among your circle of friends at some point.

In any case, we’ve put together all the info we could gather about Cavani into one place to help you decide if he is worth the bet or not.

Edinson Cavani at the FIFA World Cup 2018

Cavani top scorer odds World Cup are fairly solid. The 31-year-old centre striker currently plays for Paris-St-Germaine and has a good reputation among football fans for getting the goals needed to win a match.

His odds sit on a steady plain at 20/, meaning this make him top goal scorer of the team if not of all the South American teams in general. A nice and safe bet to make indeed.

So what exactly makes this figure so certain? There are a number of factors but the most important comes from Cavani’s past performance. He scored a hell of a lot during the qualifiers and has contributed a lot to Uruguay’s success in the past.

Cavani World Cup Odds

Since he is one of Uruguay’s best players, it’s not all that hard to see why Cavani’s got all the odds on his side. By taking a closer look at his career so far, we can see why putting money on him will be the more sensible bet.

His career really speaks for itself:

  • Member of Paris-St-Germaine, one of the better teams in the sport.
  • 4x top scorer for Paris and Uruguay.
  • 4x French Cup winner.
  • 4x French champion.
  • 5x French Super Cup winner.
  • 4x top scorer throughout multiple leagues.

In short, Edinson Cavani odds World Cup are extremely stable and are worth betting on. He is a strong contender for top goal scorer and the rest of Uruguay must be proud to have him on their team. He could make a huge difference in their chances at making the team compete effectively in the World Cup.

Cavani Top Scorer Odds

It would appear that top goal scorer odds for Cavani are at an all time high and anyone wanting to bet on him would have a good time doing so. The odds of 20/1 are pretty solid figures and shouldn’t hold you back on making the bet you want.

We strongly advise you bet on him as a safe bet but at the same time we strongly encourage you doublecheck before you make it because that could potentially mess things up for you. On the other hand, we’re pretty confident that they will remain fixed.

TL;DR — Edinson Cavani is an excellent choice for your bets on top scorer!