One of the best and most popular players in Belgium’s national team of football is Eden Hazard. He is a 27 years old footballer who plays as a midfielder for Belgium and Chelsea football club.

Being among the best midfielders in the world today, Eden Hazard will undoubtedly play for Belgium at 2018 FIFA World Cup as well. How well can he perform in the upcoming matches of this tournament?

We’ve already seen him play among the very best footballers in the World in the last World Cup four years ago. Back then, he appeared on five different occasions and helped Belgium reach quarter-finals.

Will Hazard and the whole Belgian team do better this year? While we can’t say for sure, let’s find out Hazard World Cup odds.

Eden Hazard World Cup 2018 with Belgium

So far, Hazard has played over 80 matches with his national team ever since 2008 when he debuted as a midfielder of a national scale and level.

Interestingly enough, Hazard has managed to play very well in the qualifiers to the 2018 World Cup which took place last year. Before that, he had scored 15 goals for his team.

During the qualifiers alone, he played in eight matches and scored six goals — an achievement that even the best attackers in the world could be proud of. Hazard managed to do it as an attacking midfielder and literally carry his team to victory during some of these matches.

This significantly improved Eden Hazard odds World Cup and placed him among the most promising players of the world for this season and the World Cup tournament.

Hazard Top Scorer Odds World Cup

Eden Hazard even managed to become one of many players that fans and experts consider to be potential top scorers of the tournament this year. For a midfielder, this says a whole lot. It means that Belgium really has a lot of potential with players like that.

Hazard top scorer odds World Cup aren’t some very low ones either. In fact, his chances are considered to be better than those of most other attackers and forward players in various teams.

33/1 odds are not unusual for Hazard in World Cup top goalscorer markets. They’re also better than those offered to attackers such as:

  • Mario Mandzukic
  • Andre Silva
  • Javier Hernandez
  • Pedro
  • Danny Welbeck
  • And others…

That being said, the opponents of Belgium are aware of Eden Hazard and will not be surprised by him when the time comes. After all, Belgium is one of the best football teams in the world today, not least due to Hazard’s presence in the field.

Belgium 2018 World Cup Odds

With Hazard, Belgium is considered to be one of the main contenders for the championship trophy. Although they have never won and never even played in the finals, this is the time for them to shine and their group standings should make it very easy for them to advance.

They have fairly easy opponents to face in the group and after that, it shouldn’t be much more difficult to reach the quarter-finals too.

Eden Hazard is one of the best midfielders in the world today and he has done extremely well in this World Cup 2018 so far, helping Belgium to advance with no strong resistance.