Christian Eriksen is a midfielder for Denmark and Tottenham Hotspur football club from Premier League. He is a 26 years old player who has played for several years in both England’s main football league and Denmark’s national football team.

He has also participated in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, so the tournament this summer isn’t anything new to this player. In fact, he is hoping to do better this year and improve his score last time which ended up with Denmark not qualifying for the group matches at all.

Today, Christian Eriksen is one of the best known Danish players in the national team. For one thing, he is considered to be one of the players to be able to score a lot during the play-offs. On the other hand, Eriksen is better known than most of his teammates in the UK thanks to his belonging to the Spurs.

Christian Eriksen World Cup 2018

Christian isn’t simply known — he is known as an amazing midfielder who is capable of scoring goals as well as being very present in the middle of the field.

When it comes to the national team and international matches, Eriksen is also quite experienced for a player of his age. He has already played 80 matches with Denmark, scoring over 20 goals while at it.

This makes him a really seasoned player, so Eriksen World Cup odds are really high because of that. Denmark’s standing in the group also has to do with this fact, but we’ll cover that later on.

Christian Eriksen Top Scorer Odds

Eriksen top scorer odds World Cup 2018 are really good for a midfielder. In fact, his odds are among the best available when looking at midfielders alone.

These odds are roughly around 66/1. The funny thing is that if Denmark manages to go far, Eriksen will have pretty good chances to pull it off. Other than that, it wouldn’t be popular to think that he can score more goals throughout the tournament than Ronaldo or similar sharpshooters.

In any case, Denmark should feel much better having Christian Eriksen in the field.

Denmark 2018 World Cup Predictions

In 2018 World Cup, Denmark is playing in group C with France, Australia and Peru. All of these teams are really worthy to be in the tournament, so Denmark won’t find it easy to go far.

However, they could definitely win against Australia and possibly even Peru, especially if Eriksen and other players play their best game. After all, such a result shouldn’t be surprising for a team which is in the top 20 best football teams in the world.

On the bright side, Christian Eriksen odds World Cup will greatly increase and his skill will really show if the team manages to advance to the next stage.

Even if they don’t win, this tournament could be a reason for celebration this year since Denmark has only reached quarter-finals in World Cups. That could definitely be improved this year.

Christian Eriksen is a midfielder for Denmark national team at World Cup 2018 and he is one of the most popular players in the team, being considered as a top scorer at sports betting sites too.