In less than a month’s time, the FIFA World Cup 2018 will begin and with it hundreds of new sports betting markets will open. This is, obviously, great news for online gambling fans like yourselves, but if you’re not very hot on your international football facts then knowing what makes a smart wager can be difficult to work out.

Luckily, for you, here at Fable Casino we’ve put together a very comprehensive guide to the World Cup 2018. This includes all the facts you need to know about what matches are taking place, which teams are looking likely to lift the trophy in Russia, and which players are set to perform well.

Of those players who are looking on top form, there are several who will be eyeing up the Golden Boot prize. The Golden Boot prize will go to the player who racks up the most goals in the tournament overall, and Antoine Griezmann will definitely have his sights set on this award.

Antoine Griezmann is a highly skilled French striker, who will be travelling to Russia with the France international team – obviously. In this article we’ll be looking at the Antoine Griezmann World Cup odds in detail, including whether or not he is a strong player to back for top goal scorer of the competition, and whether his team have a good chance of winning the tournament.

Who Is Antoine Griezmann?

Antoine Griezmann, as we just mentioned, is a French international striker, who also plays for Atletico Madrid at league level. He has often been described as one of the best strikers in the world right now, and this description is backed up by the multiple awards and prizes he has already received personally and with his club.

Antoine Griezmann
Age 27
Position Striker
International Club France
League Club Atletico Madrid
No. of Appearances for International Club 51
No. of Goals Scored for International Club 19
Goals Scored in World Cup 2018 Qualifying Rounds 4

As you can see from the table above, Antoine Griezmann has a quite formidable international record. He has made 51 appearances for France since his debut in 2014, and has scored 19 goals. What’s more, he was selected for both the French 2014 World Cup starting quad, and for the French 2016 UEFA Euros squad, where he was named both Top Goal Scorer and Player of the Tournament.

Antoine Griezmann Odds World Cup 2018

If Antoine Griezmann’s impressive international record has made you consider backing him this World Cup 2018, then you can check out all the best Antoine Griezmann betting options below.

France World Cup Odds 2018

Although this article is primarily concerned with Antoine Griezmann’s personal odds, we must also consider how his team, France, will perform too. After all, a player is only as good as the team which surrounds him.

Luckily for Griezmann, however, the France international squad are looking to be on very good form ahead of this year’s competition. Moreover, they will begin the World Cup 2018 in Group C (which includes Denmark, Peru and Australia) also includes where they are the favourites to advance.

We also believe that France should have no problem advancing from this group, even though they will face stiff competition from both Denmark and Peru. What’s more they’re also considered to be one of the favourites to win the competition outright, with current odds of around 6/1 on France winning the World Cup 2018. This puts them within the top ten teams most likely to be victorious in Russia, and which will definitely give the Antoine Griezmann World Cup odds some value too.

Antoine Griezmann Top Scorer Odds World Cup

Currently, the odds on Antoine Griezmann winning the Golden Boot prize for top goal scorer in the FIFA World Cup 2018 stand at around 14/1. This means he is the fourth favourite of all the competing players to win the prize, behind Kane, Neymar and Messi.

Although he is a favourite to win the prize, the Griezmann top scorer odds may seem a little longer than you were expecting. This is thanks, in part, to the fact that France have a squad full of excellent strikers. Players such as Giroud, Lacazette, and Mbappé will also be eyeing up the Golden Boot trophy and therefore Griezmann may not have many opportunities to score as his rivals.

That being said, we do think there is quite a lot of value in backing Antoine Griezmann to be top goal scorer this World Cup, especially when you consider his record at the UEFA 2016 Euros. What’s more, as the odds are looking long at the moment, this could be your perfect opportunity to beat the bookies.