In today’s post, we’ll be discussing Alvaro Morata and if he’s worth your investment while he plays in the World Cup 2018.

With the FIFA World Cup 2018 literally weeks away, you might have wondered who the top goal scorer of the competition may be. There are a few options you can bet on but not all of them are worth the investment. One player in particular, however, is definitely worth the money—Alvaro Morata.

It’s always best to get an idea of how well a player will perform before they enter a massive tournament like the World Cup. The best way we can ascertain his prowess as a player is by examining his past performances and achievements, so we know how me might score in the World Cup.

As Spain’s centre fielder, Morata definitely has the potential to be not only Spain’s best player but one of the top goal scorers of the competition. You can most certainly keep your eye on him during the World Cup and even invest a couple of quid in him as well.

Alvaro Morata at the FIFA World Cup 2018

Morata top scorer odds World Cup seem to be some of the best out there. Being one of Spain’s best players, he could be well on his way to making the top scorer of the tournament. He may even help Spain win the World Cup entirely. But that’s just a rough guess.

The odds surrounding Morata sit comfortably at around 33/1, meaning he has a fair chance of getting that top title that most strikers competing in the World Cup dream of.

What, though, makes him such a likely candidate for the top scorer title? There are a number of things, but the most important factor is his relative youth and his immense skill as a footie player, which he has displayed numerous times.

Alvaro Morata Odds World Cup

As one of Spain’s best players, it’s easy to guess why Morata is one of the rising stars of the competition. Hundreds upon hundreds of sports betting sites have pegged him as the player to keep their eye on throughout the World Cup.

Look at the statistics yourself:

  • Won a lot of other trophies for his top player status and performance every match.
  • Bought by Chelsea FC for €65 million.
  • Member of Real Madrid, reportedly one of the best teams in the world.
  • Has won Top Scorer title twice before.
  • 2x Spanish League winner

Basically, Morata is a terrific player and betting odds placed on him will almost guarantee that you see some kind of return, even if Spain don’t make it all the way to the final. It would be hard to believe if his odds ever changed but then we guess anything can happen, so you’d best keep an eye on them yourselves.

Morata World Cup Odds

Morata as top scorer seems to be a possible outcome to the competition. World Cup numbers don’t get better than 33/1. Well, they do, but it’s still a damn good figure. Pretty healthy, dare we say? Even then, it’s an average. Some betting sites offer 20/1, 25/1 or even 18/1.

So, if you want to make a safe bet, Morata’s your guy and you could be seeing some kind of reward fairly soon.

TL;DR — Alvaro Morata, as one of Spain’s best players, would be a safe and easy bet!