When it comes to the World Cup 2018, players are obviously key. Without them, no such tournament could take place and it'd be of no good to watch a bunch of coaches and referees! Players range from top-pros to players of lesser importance in the grand scheme of global football. Nonetheless, everyone will come together next month to part-take in the massive football celebration that is the World Cup.

There is a lot of potential to do some serious online sports betting relating to the players. From the top goalscorer, to the player who will get to claim the Golden Boot award, to the goalkeeper who saves the most goals, the bets are on!

Whichever bookmaker you choose to take your business to, rest assured that there will be plenty of appealing odds on players. Would you bet for the underdog player to come out on top or would you rather play it safe and place bets on the creme de la creme of players and know that you're going to come out a winner anyway?

Whichever strategy you choose, rest assured that there are plenty of players from many different national squads to put your money on with hopes of walking away a winner. Good luck now!