Peru World Cup 2018 odds are higher than it used to be in other tournaments before. The unexpected change of predictions for this team is due to their amazing performance recently.

Peru squad & Peru starting eleven

Peru has done so well these last few years that they are now considered 11th best football team in the world when it comes to the national teams at least. It’s their highest score ever, surpassing even the times when they participated in the World Cups before.

Odds on Peru winning World Cup 2018 may still be quite low, but their adaptability, talent and skill can certainly help the team go further than ever before.

Peru World Cup Qualifiers & Results

Peru played 18 matches in the qualifiers only to get the chance to play more for one of the last spots in the tournament. However, this isn’t surprising as their opponents included Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and other strong teams.

Still, Peru went on to play against New Zealand and won their place in the tournament. Despite that, odds Peru World Cup 2018 are reasonably high.

It may have to do with the fact that ever since, they won every single friendly match they played, strengthening their positions and proving that despite just barely qualifying, they could go much further than just their group.

Peru Football National Team; World Cup 2018 Peru Fixtures

Coached by Ricardo Gareca, the Peruvian team is fairly young and full of promising players. They have easily won against Croatia and Iceland a few months ago, proving that the team is now readier than ever to face even stronger opponents.

It’s difficult to predict odds on Peru to win world cup 2018 from this, but we can certainly take a look at their group and see how they could manage to play there.

So, Peru is in group C this year along with three other teams:

  • France
  • Australia
  • Denmark

All of these teams are fairly strong, but judging from what Peru has shown recently, they should be able to win against Denmark and possibly even France, though the latter match won’t be easy.

In any case, Peru to win World Cup 2018 odds may not be the highest, but their chances to advance to the group of 16 are fairly good.

Peru World Cup 2018 Odds

Odds on Peru winning 2018 world cup are around 200/1 these days. It’s not an impressive result, but we could certainly see this team repeating their record of reaching the quarter-finals or even improving it.

So, if you aren’t willing to place outright bets against such betting odds Peru to win World Cup 2018, you can always bet on single matches, the group results or Peru’s stage of elimination, among other things and markets available at sports betting sites.

The World Cup is exciting precisely because a lot is going on at the same time and when it comes to predictions, the discussion is virtually endless.

Another way to earn some money without playing against odds Peru win World Cup 2018 is to wager on Peru as one of the teams to reach a certain stage. Even if they go further than that, you’ll still win something, so it’s much easier to win this way.

Odds for Peru to win World Cup 2018 are higher than ever as the team is now among the best dozen teams in the world, though there’s still little chance that they will actually manage to become the champions.