We cannot believe how close we already are to the World Cup 2018. The World Cup hype among football fans around the world is at its paramount. Don’t even get us started on gamblers. With tournaments like this, bookmakers around the world are going crazy with the odds offered.

Take a glance at a bookmaker site and you’ll understand what we are talking about. There are hundreds of odds being offered – best player, top scorer, match outcomes and many others. If you can think it, a bookmaker probably already has it.

Panama squad & Panama starting eleven

In the midst of this football betting frenzy, we researched every team in detail and compiled a series of articles covering each of the 32 World Cup teams in detail. In this article, we take a closer look at Panama. It is Panama’s first World Cup ever and the entire Central American nation is tittering with excitement.

Given its relatively short history, we thought it’d be helpful to breakdown the betting odds Panama to win World Cup 2018 further. We look into Panama’s player line-up, their chances against their Group G opponents and odds on Panama to win World Cup 2018.

Panama World Cup 2018: World Cup History

Russia 2018 is Panama’s first FIFA World Cup appearance. They qualified with a dramatic 2-1 win over Costa Rica on the final matchday of CONCACAF qualifying for Russia 2018. The moment was so historic, President Juan Carlos Varela declared a public holiday after their team, Los Canaleros secured a Russia 2018 seat in October 2017.

Let’s relive the drama of Panama’s qualification again. The score for the Panama vs. Costa Rica match would have determined the fate for three teams: United States, Panama and Honduras. The game started out slowly. Panama trailed Costa Rica 0-1.

However, the tension increased when Panama’s Gabriel Torres scored a goal in the 52nd minute. It was a contentious goal too—replay videos showed that the ball never crossed the goal line. Then, Roman Torres scored in the 88th minute, sending the crowd in Panama City into a frenzy.

Panama World Cup 2018: Team

All of Panama’s scoring hopes lies on one person’s shoulder – 37 year old forward, Blas Perez. With over a staggering 100 appearances for his beloved country Panama, Blas Perez offers something that his team crucially needs – experience.

As we all know, this is Panama’s first attempt at the World Cup tournament, so any form of intelligence will take the team a long way. In total, Blas Perez has appeared in four different World Cup qualifying campaigns and has become a goal scoring machine for his team. For those wondering, Perez scored 11 goals so far in his World Cup career.

Another key personnel vital in the rise of Panama football is no other than Hernan Dario Gomez, the country’s team coach. The torch was passed to him in 2014, and ever since, the flame has simply grown bigger. Under his coaching, Panama has finally qualified themselves into their first FIFA World Cup.

Fun fact: Hernan Dario Gomez is nicknamed “El Bolillo” or The Truncheon in Panama. To make things all the better, he is extremely experienced, having coached Colombia and Ecuador in previous World Cups.

Another star in the Panama squad is Roman Torres. In the qualifiers against Costa Rica back in October, he managed to score an 88th minute winner which pushed them above Honduras to qualify.

Panama World Cup 2018 Odds

Will you be placing any bets on Panama in the coming World Cup? Whether or not you are a fan of the team, there are still good prospects of making some money from the games. In this section of the article, we will cover both the win probabilities of both teams then move on to the Panama World Cup 2018 odds on matches.

Here are the win probabilities for Panama’s upcoming games:

Win Odds Panama World Cup 2018 Matches

Panama vs. Belgium (Monday, 18th June 2018)

  • Panama: 4%
  • Draw: 12%
  • Belgium: 84%

Panama vs. England (Sunday, 24th June 2018)

  • Panama: 5%
  • Draw: 14%
  • England: 81%

Panama vs. Tunisia (Thursday, 28th June 2018)

  • Panama: 28%
  • Draw: 30%;
  • Tunisia; 42%


Best Betting Odds Panama World Cup 2018 Matches

Panama vs. Belgium (Monday, 18th June 2018)

  • Panama: 26 at Marathon Bet
  • Draw: 71/10 at marathon Bet
  • Belgium: 12/71 at Marathon Bet


Panama vs. England (Sunday, 24th June 2018)

  • Panama: 20 at Betfair
  • Draw: 61/10 at Marathon Bet
  • England: 2/9 at SkyBet


Panama vs. Tunisia (Thursday, 28th June 2018)

  • Panama: 64/25 at Marathon Bet
  • Draw: 59/25 at Marathon Bet
  • Tunisia: 27/20 at Marathon Bet


Odds on Panama Winning 2018 World Cup

At time of writing, the odds on Panama winning World Cup 2018 stands at 1000/1. Since the Panama to win World Cup 2018 odds are a little unrealistic, we have compiled he odds for each elimination stage instead.

  • Group Stage: 1/16
  • Last 16: 9
  • Quarter Final: 40
  • Semi-final: 150
  • Runner Up: 500

Every sportsbook and bookmaker share the same sentiment – Panama is not yet ready to take on bigger teams in the World Cup. That said, it is unsurprising that the odds Panama Win World Cup 2018 is impractical.

Given the numbers, the best chance Panama has got is against Tunisia, with a win probability of 28%. Of course, in the event that Panama draws / beats Belgium or England, everyone would have to re-think their bets again.

World Cup 2018 Panama Fixtures

Panama kicks off the World Cup season in Group G. If you’re betting on the odds on Panama to win world cup 2018, better add these matches to your calendar!

  • Panama vs. Belgium: Monday 18th June, 6:00 PM (Local Time), Fisht Stadium, Sochi
  • Panama vs. England: Sunday 24th June, 3:00 PM (Local Time), Nizhny Novgorod Stadium, Nizhny Novgorod
  • Panama vs. Tunisia: Thursday 28th June, 9:00 PM (Local Time), Mordovia Arena, Saransk