For today’s article, we’ll be covering all about how live odds can affect the FIFA World Cup 2018.

When you consider the FIFA World Cup, due to take place a couple of weeks from now, there are many betting odds you can place money on.

For instance, you can bet on the outright winner of the entire competition, who is likely to be the best goal scorer, who will be the best of each group, and you can even bet on a draw for each match instead.

If you’re new to all this, on the other hand it can be rather confusing as to where to put your money. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and that’s the last thing you need.

About the Outright Winner

The primary and most blatant bet you could make in regards to wagering money on the World Cup is betting on who the outright winner will be. This is also fairly risky as they options are varied.

To be clear, we’re not here to tell you who you should bet on as we believe in free will and that should be your decision. However, we can provide all the necessary numbers for you.

You may have already guessed who the potential winners could be, but here they all are with the odds attached:

  • Brazil: 23/5
  • Germany: 5/1
  • Spain: 13/2
  • France: 7/1
  • Argentina: 11/1

Please be aware, however, that these odds are probably going to change in the lead-up to the final and should be regarded with caution.

TL;DR — Bet on the outright for the World Cup 2018 winner through all the live odds.

On the “Best of Continent” Team

While a few teams may reach the final, quarter or even semi-final, all have the opportunity to be the best of their respective group or continent.

For instance, you can make a bet on Brazil, Colombia, Argentina or Uruguay to be the best South American team (we wouldn’t waste our money on Peru).

In general, these teams rarely reach the final but could still be a beacon of excellent football through all these other means.

But we must reiterate, these odds can change too depending on how the tournament plays out.

TL;DR — Put your money on which team will be the best out of their continent.

On the Continent of Winner

To have a mixture of the previous two kinds of bets, you could inspect odds on which continent the winner will be from, which makes things a little bit more exciting and interesting.

Given that the winner most likely to win will probably be European (as they outnumber South America 3 to 2), here are their odds compared to the rest of the world:

  • Europe: 4/11
  • South America: 21/10
  • Rest of the World: 33/1

Yet again, depending on how the FIFA World Cup plays out, these odds will probably change so keep an eye out on the best figures.

TL;DR — You can bet on which continent the winner of the World Cup 2018 will be from!