One of the most exciting aspects of sports betting is in-play live betting which is now pretty much a given at any sportsbook. With live betting, you can put your money where your mouth is and bet on what you think is going to happen as the action unfolds.

The World Cup is going to be exciting for sport betters worldwide in and of itself. I mean, what can be more exciting than one month of the best football tournament of them all? When you throw in live betting the excitement goes up an even further notch.

Whether you are looking to bet from your laptop, your tablet, your mobile, your desktop (who does that now?) World Cup live betting options will be available to you. Live betting can be exhilarating, and crushing, but that is all part of the great fun of it!

Of course, the sportsbooks are filling up daily with more and more World Cup betting options, but which of these offer the best live betting experience? Well, happily for you, we have looked into that and below we reveal to you the sports betting sites we recommend for all your World Cup live betting.

Live Bets Football World Cup 2018, The Best Sportsbooks For Live Betting

World Cup 2018 Live Betting, Betfair

Betfair offers a fantastic sportsbook with a whole host of betting options. Betfair is also one of the simplest sportsbooks to navigate and you never get a feeling of being overwhelmed when you’re having a browse around, which can happen all too frequently at other sites.

The live betting platform is intuitive and easy to use and the odds they offer are competitive too. We feel that Betfair is a great choice.

  • Simple design and user-friendly
  • Reliable and competitive odds

World Cup 2018 Live Betting, Bet 365

Bet 365’s adverts for live betting are a regular sight on British television screens during sports events. It is a fantastic platform to enjoy live betting and it gives any live betting service a run for its money. You cannot go wrong with Bet 365.

  • Great interactive options displaying detailed statistics
  • Speedy live betting platform

World Cup 2018 Live Betting, Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes is one of the very best sportsbooks around for live betting. We are in no doubt that Ladbrokes will have a whole host of live betting options, as they do for all the big football matches. One of the most reliable and trustworthy sports betting sites around.

  • The Ladbrokes app is possibly the very best for live betting
  • Live betting includes comprehensive in-play statistics

We can barely wait here at Fable Casino for the World Cup to begin and live betting is something we are all certainly considering. The sportsbooks mentioned above provide you with the very best live betting platforms around, so if live betting is something you want to do during the World Cup, look no further than these three outlets!