Iceland attracted a lot of attention lately. For one thing, they started winning against strong teams such as Croatia. On the other hand, they qualified to the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which is the first occasion in the nation’s history.

That said, odds on Iceland winning World Cup 2018 aren’t that big, but the fact that they will be competing for it is a kind of a win in and of itself. Still, we wouldn’t be a gambling site if we didn’t try to predict their performance this summer.

Iceland squad & Iceland starting eleven

That’s what we’ll do right now and provide you with odds on Iceland to win World Cup 2018 before the end of our review of this new national team in the most exciting football tournament around the world.

Iceland World Cup 2018 Odds

Winning their way into the Cup, Iceland has now started playing against teams that would have been considered above their own league a few years ago. Today, they not only play these matches but also win some of them.

Granted, their performance isn’t perfect so Iceland to win World Cup 2018 odds are still low and it would take a lot of bravery to actually back this team as outright winners.

For the last few months, Iceland has been somewhere around the top 20 of the best football teams — a result that Iceland has never had before. Out of 10 matches they played in the qualifiers, they won seven and ended up first in their UEFA group.

That’s a result worthy to consider when assessing odds Iceland World Cup 2018. To help you even more with that, we’ll take a look at World Cup 2018 Iceland fixtures and the group matches that await this debuting team.

Iceland Football Team & Group Matches

Group D is perfect for Iceland to show their skill and prove that they’re worthy of all the hype that they are getting. Although it won’t be easy, advancing from this group would certainly increase odds on Iceland winning 2018 World Cup even further.

That’s because the teams participating with them in this group are:

While we doubt that Iceland can win against the two-times champions Argentina, they can certainly pull it off against the other two teams. So, for a brand new player in the tournament, Iceland world cup 2018 odds are not bad at all.

Iceland World Cup 2018 Winners?

Looking at betting odds Iceland to win World Cup 2018 at various sports betting sites, you’ll see that they are in the lower half with roughly 250/1 to 500/1 odds today.

That’s much lower than Croatia’s 30/1 even though they lost to Iceland once. Still, the fact the team has no experience in an event of such world-class decreases their chances very much.

While odds Iceland win World Cup 2018 might be very low, if they manage to qualify another time, they’ll probably have a better chance.

Iceland qualified for this tournament for the first time ever and odds for Iceland to win World Cup 2018 are affected by that.