England World Cup 2018 odds are fairly good this year, especially remembering the fact that the team has been reaching the quarter-finals fairly often in the past. With Harry Kane as today’s main goal scorer for the team, the chances are even better.

England has won the World Cup once before and it’s a high time they did it again. Odds on England winning World Cup 2018 may not be the highest, but the team has been proving that they’re ready for anything this summer.

England squad & England starting eleven

With highly successful Southgate as the coach, England has yet to lose a match and will start off their appearances against teams that are not above England’s level of gameplay, making odds England World Cup 2018 quite favourable.

World Cup 2018 England Fixtures

England is in group G, which means that they’ll be among the last teams to begin the group matches and among the last ones to end them too. Their opponents include:

Belgium is the only one that can hope to defeat England thanks to sheer skill. This isn’t enough to diminish the odds on England winning 2018 World Cup as the two other teams should pose no threat unless they’re really lucky.

Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to predict the opponent that England might have to face in the group of 16. On the bright side, all of them are opponents that England could certainly win against.

As a result, odds on England to win World Cup 2018 are also among the highest at various online and mobile gambling sites. Take a closer look at the expert opinion in that industry just below.

England Odds to Win World Cup 2018

England is one of the most likely teams to reach the finals this year and become winners, though there are some teams that are offered even greater odds.

Anyway, here’s what you’ll find at sports betting sites today:

  • Odds for England to win: 16/1
  • Odds for England to reach the finals: 7/1
  • Odds for England to reach semi-finals: 5/2
  • Odds for England to reach quarter-finals: 8/11

In other words, betting odds England to win World Cup 2018 are pretty good and the odds to advance far are even higher.

This isn’t surprising because the team is considered to be in the top 10 best football national teams. Plus, the fresh talent and the best competitive players from England won’t let their opponent rest.

World Cup England Team

England to win world cup 2018 odds are greatly improved by the players such as:

  • Harry Kane
  • Danny Welbeck
  • Marcus Rashford
  • Eric Dier
  • Jake Livermore
  • Jesse Lingard
  • Kyle Walker
  • And others

Ever since the beginning of 2017, the national team has only lost two matches (against Germany and France). This means that they’re almost ready for their first appearance on 18 June. That’s when they will try to prove that odds England win World Cup 2018 aren’t set too high after all.

Odds for England to win World Cup 2018 correlate to the fact that the team is considered to be one of 10 best national football teams in the world.